Picking out some of LBJ's crucial 2K22 stats

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Its Inside Scoring the most important MT 2K22 quality, while his 7'2 size indicates that his Rebounding abilities were unalterable that is, quite simply, a Paint Beast. The only active player currently in the top 10 list. LeBron James has been a giant in the sport in the last fifteen years, having been at the top of the game throughout Jordan's final years, the Kobe Bryant's period and through the current generations of Durant, Curry and now Luka Doncic.

James has been awarded four NBA championships during his time with Miami Heat, one at the hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers, and his current one in 2020 for the LA Lakers. The All-Around 2-Way Power Forward is a winner of 66 awards, with 12 of them at Hall of Fame Level.

Picking out some of LBJ's crucial 2K22 stats, his Outside Scoring is a Rating of 91, Athleticism at 92, and his Layup is 99. LeBron's offensive Rebound that reveals his weak spot but it's a bit lower the score is 52. James is likely to want to claim at least one more chip before closing his 20th year in the league. If team-mates Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are able to get their engines moving James might be able to achieve it.

It's no surprise that the LA Lakers great is second on our list . It's also the only player who scored a 99 NBA 2K22 score in a game. The 6'9 All-Around Threat bagged five NBA rings in his career and had three Finals MVPs to his name as the Lakers duelled with Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons during the 1980s.

The statistical data suggests that how to buy mt 2k22 Johnson had a huge advantage on court with a 98-rated Shot IQ as well as his Handles have an in-game performance of 98, and his pass accuracy is 99. Johnson is the proud owner of 36 badges, out of which five badges are Hall of Fame level. Magic was selected to play with the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 along with Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird -- dubbed the "Dream Team".