Jump Start Manufacturers-Emergency Start Power Supply: Which Features

The lead-acid battery type of automobile emergency starting power supply is more traditional



The lead-acid battery type of automobile emergency starting power supply is more traditional. It uses maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, which are relatively large in mass and volume, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current will also be relatively large. Such products are generally equipped with an air pump, and also have functions such as overcurrent, overload, overcharge, and reverse connection indication protection, which can charge various electronic products, and some products also have functions such as inverters.

1. The car's emergency starting power supply can ignite all cars with 12V battery output, but the applicable product range for cars with different displacements will be different, and it can provide services such as field emergency rescue;

2. Standard LED super bright white light, flickering warning light, and SOS signal light, a good helper for travel;
3. The car emergency start power supply not only supports car emergency start, but also supports a variety of outputs, including 5V output (supporting various mobile products such as mobile phones), 12V output (supporting routers and other products), 19V output (supporting most laptop products) ), increasing the wide range of applications in life;
4. The car's emergency starting power supply has a built-in maintenance-free lead-acid battery, and there is also a high-performance polymer lithium-ion battery, with a wide range of options;
5. Lithium-ion polymer vehicle emergency starting power supply has a long service life, charging and discharging cycles can reach more than 500 times, and it can start the car 20 times when it is fully charged (the battery is displayed in 5 bars) (the author uses this, not all brands);
6. Lead-acid battery emergency starting power supply is equipped with an air pump with a pressure of 120PSI (pictured version), which can be easily filled.
7. Special note: The battery level of the lithium-ion polymer emergency starting power supply must be displayed above 3 grids before the car can be ignited to avoid burning the car's emergency starting power supply host. Just remember to charge it.


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