The Essential Things To Verify Before Purchasing A Smart TV

If you're familiar with these gadgets, you might look around for a smart TV that isn't up to the expectations you set. Here are the most critical specs to check before purchasing a Samsung tv.


Smart TVs have become the rage in the last few years, with the features traditional TVs only imagine. However, if you're familiar with these gadgets, you might look around for a smart TV that isn't up to the expectations you set. Here are the most critical specs to check before purchasing a Samsung tv price in Bangladesh.

Other Connection Ports and HDMI

Each LED TV price in Bangladesh comes with its own set of connections ports. However, some may not have the exact ports required to connect devices. The most crucial port that you can connect to is HDMI. It's an adaptable port that can connect any gadgets, such as gaming consoles, laptops and speakers, and much more.

But, HDMI ports don't just exist in one type. There are many HDMI kinds. The majority of smart TVs will include one of the essential HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 ports you may have in your present TV when you purchased it in the last few years.

Most smart TVs are compatible with the standard HDMI models since the plurality of devices can support these ports. So keep an eye out for these ports while searching for the perfect smart TV. Keep in mind that if you're planning to buy televisions with a screen resolution that is 4K or more, it will require a fast HDMI cable.

In addition to HDMI ports, it is recommended to be on the lookout to find USB connections, particularly a USB 2.0 port. Some newer models of smart TVs are compatible with USB 3.0, which is quicker than USB 2.0. We are aware of how crucial USB ports are for laptops and PCs as well as smart TVs.

You can make use of the Smart TV's USB connector to join your laptop, hard drive, or even your phone to charge. With the many possibilities of USB, it's not a bad idea to make sure your TV is compatible with this kind of connection.

Screen Resolution

The same applies to televisions too. Always check the resolution on any television before purchasing, as it determines the quality of the images, which is a crucial aspect of TVs generally. Today, it's not common to find a smart TV with a resolution less than that Full HD, so make sure that the TV you're looking at has the minimum requirements. But, hundreds of intelligent TVs can provide stunning image quality when you choose the resolution of 4K.

LCD, LED, and OLED Screens

OLED is rapidly becoming the latest sleeker replacement for LCD and LED in the TV industry. They can produce vivid colors, more contrast, and provide a better overall watching experience for consumers.

LED screens cannot provide the same level of quality and are being replaced rapidly with newer televisions. LCD screens often offer a dull or uninteresting image, which doesn't give an incredible watching experience.

So, if you're looking to get a smart TV that genuinely delivers, choose OLED screens over LCD or LED screens. While OLED screens tend to be higher priced than LED and LCD screens, you'll feel the differences in the image of your TV should you decide to splash out the dollars on an OLED display.

It's worth noting that QLED TVs offer stunning image quality and have a longer life span. However, certain QLED televisions are expensive, particularly those of the more prominent brands. Keep in mind that you can still enjoy stunning image quality using an OLED display.

Refresh Rate

In simple terms, it's a reference to how often the television can refresh its display image in a second. Although all TVs might do an excellent job of refreshing photos, it's vital to be aware of any smart TV's rate of refresh, and here's how.

The higher the TV's refresh speed, the less blurring you'll see in panning videos with a higher rate. You might have noticed this when watching you're watching sports events, action-related scenes or similar or similar, and a television that has a lower refresh rate produces noticeably more video.

The typical refresh rate for intelligent televisions is 60 to 120. Remember that there isn't any difference between a television with an average refresh rate of 90 and a TV with 120. This means that you do not need to spend more money on a television that has a higher rate. However, it is vital to stay clear of thinking about significantly lower refresh rates because this could cause a decrease in the quality of the viewing experience overall.

HDR Compatibility

HDR is a method of enhancing the quality of an image. Will increase the dynamic range, which is the difference between light and dark portions of the picture. Televisions that have HDR compatibility can produce better quality images generally, but one could say that it's not an essential feature. But, if you're shopping for a TV with premium quality, HDR compatibility certainly wouldn't harm you.

There are a variety of different types of HDR available currently, including advanced HDR. However, most TVs likely have support for HDR as it's the most popular kind of technology available currently, so be sure to look out for this feature when looking for your next Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh.

Screen Size

This one's a bit more evident than the others listed. However, it can be a problem when you aren't careful. While it's tempting to get the most extensive smart TV your budget can buy, you need first to make sure it fits into the space it's using up in your house.

Be aware of the size of the room the TV will be placed in since the 65-inch screen in a tiny space can be a hazard to your eyes as well as jarring to the experience you're trying to watch. So make sure to take measurements of the space you have available and think about the area your TV will sit within.

Ability to switch between Smart Modes

The next generation of smart TVs is the logical step on the entertainment spectrum, yet it's best to be on guard! Although the idea of shopping for an electronic television is interesting, it's essential to have a clear idea of what you want before you go through the specifications above to ensure that you're not paying for something that's not suitable for you. Once you've figured this out, you're ready to shop around and discover yourself the top smart TV.

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