Research Paper Outline Example and Writing Tips – 2021

That is why students are mostly advised by teachers and supervisors to maintain a complete outline for papers because often it gives clues about the overall research without reading it.


Writing an outline before any composition helps simplify your writing process. Taking out time to outline before write my paper to write greatly helps in organizing thoughts and giving a smooth momentum to the overall writing. It chalks out the focus and priorities of the composition that is to be followed throughout the paper. A research paper Outline requires a proper thought process and systematic methodology to go about it and an outline in this regard becomes indispensable.

Here is why an outlined should be made:

Outlines work as visual aids that help writers in a research assignment. It helps writers visualize the elements of their composition and their connection in creating a coherent piece. Mostly, outlines carry thesis, quotes, supporting sentences, citations, topic sentences, and key points of each paragraph.  Every best essay writing service suggests a proper outline before writing your paper. School and college papers are often five paragraphs in length and are professional essay writing service easy in doing comparatively longer papers.

 How to write an outline?

  •         The topic of the research often determines the outline. Often school and college researches take five paragraphs
  •         Decide the topic. Oftentimes the topics are given to students and if the topic is not given to you then decide the topic that is of interest to you and you have prior know-how about it.
  •         Collect database i.e. notes, references, other resources
  •         Carry out preliminary research or investigation
  •         Make your outline using full sentences or alpha-numeric.
  •         Use parallel structures by using the same type of words, verbs, nouns at the beginning of each sentence
  •         Always think in terms of a five-paragraph cheapest essay writing service even if it is lengthy that contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. I used to do my paper on this method to create a well-structured essay. 
  •         Create an interesting introductory paragraph that introduces your topic in an engaging manner. This is the second important part of the thesis statement.
  •         Add ideas, supporting details i.e. quotations, citations
  •         At the end of the thesis statement includes your thesis statement
  •         Now, outline the paragraphs followed by the supporting details. Introduce the paragraph with a topic sentence and complementary evidence
  •         Lastly, write the conclusion by restating the thesis of your paper and a few sentences that summarize the overall research. End this part with future research suggestions or a declarative sentence.

Examples of outlines;

A research assignment of five pages would be written as:

  1. Introduction
  2. Sentence that introduces the topic
  3. Supporting material i.e. sentence, citation, quotation
  4. Supporting material i.e. sentence, citation, quotation 
  5. Thesis Statement
  6. Body Paragraph I
  7. Topic sentence that addresses the first point of the thesis statement
  8. Supporting sentence to the topic sentence 1 or a quote with explanation
  9. Supporting sentence 2 to the topic sentence 1 or quotation with explanation
  10. Supporting sentence 3 to the topic sentence 1 or a quote with an explanation
  11. Body Paragraph II and Body Paragraph III

Both these paragraphs repeat what is done in the case of paragraph one. One topic sentence that write my paper for me the second and third points of the thesis statement and three supporting paragraphs or quotations with explanations.

  1. Conclusion
  2. State the thesis statement in a new way
  3. Summarizing sentence 1
  4. Summarizing sentence 2
  5. Final remarks, a declarative sentence, additional question, or suggestion for future research

Lastly, outlines are necessary for writing papers as it systematizes the process of writing and leads smoothness to it. It has often been noticed that the research obtained on part of students from the writing services lack a proper outline. That is why students are mostly advised by teachers and supervisors to maintain a complete outline for papers because often it gives clues about the overall research without reading it.



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