Nicolo Barella faces a TOTS challenge in FIFA 22

Finally, Serie A has qualified for the TOTS promotion, which is something to be excited about


Finally, Serie A has qualified for the TOTS promotion, which is something to be excited about. Many new SBC and Objectives cards, as well as a crowded team that includes Cristiano Ronaldo himself, have arrived. In order to save money, why not visit this TOTS Barella, which can be unlocked by completing a series of objectives.

This is his second special card of the season. He is a participant in the Serie A TOTS promotion, which aims to recognize the best players who have made significant contributions to their respective clubs. When compared to the 80-rated gold version, EA has significantly improved all of Barella's skills, including shooting (+18), pace (+13), defending (+13), physical (+18), and dribbling.


All of the TOTS Barella objectives must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Selection mode of the game. However, because you must complete one of the five missions in order to advance, completing each objective FIFA 22 Coins in a matter of days is not difficult.

To win the card, you must complete all TOTS Barella objectives by May 28. To obtain TOTS Nicolo Barella, you must complete the five objectives listed below.

Golazzo: Score three goals from outside the box in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select game.
Help four goals by using Central Intelligence (CMs) in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.
Streak of 15 goals scored in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.
Winning Strategies: Win eight matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select.
Italian Instinct: In the Live FUT Friendly: Serie A Select, you can score points by using Italian players in 12 separate matches.

His stats are excellent, but because of this, his price will be lower and he will become more accessible. With three-star feet and skill moves, he isn't very good. If you use the engine chemistry style, you will see an improvement in his dribbling (+6), pace (+5), and passing (+6), which will result in an overall improvement in his overall quality.

If you are interested in completing this SBC, all you need to do is hand over an 81-rated team with at least 80 chemistry, an Inform or TOTS Moments card, and at least one player from Ligue 1.


In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, this 92 OVR-rated Hirving Lozano's TOTS version is more valuable than his FIFA 22 Coins Ultimate Team counterpart, and he is setting the tone. Lozano has an astronomical number of 99 in Pace, which stems from his 99 in Acceleration and Sprint Speed, but this is not the end of the story.

The card's agility rating is 99, which will allow him to slip past defenders at his own pace. He still has 99 stamina, so he is able to run around the field without difficulty for the entire 90 minutes. He has the ability to run to the goal from the right flank, shoot, and even provide excellent crosses for his teammates.