Tefal RK103811 & Seb RK100801 Rice Cooker of Bangladesh

Tefal RK103811 is a rice cooker. Its electricity is identical to 710 watts. Therefore, it allows understanding every cooking in no time for a result continually up to the necessities of every user. But, this degree isn't substantially high sufficient to noticeably growth of electrici


The capability of this tool is equal to 5 litres. It lets in cooking food to meet at the identical time 10 to 15 humans. Whether you're a huge family or you live in small numbers in a domestic, you may nonetheless be satisfied with the use of this newsletter. The steel black colouration of this model makes its outside look best to look. This simplifies its insertion among another gadget that beautify a kitchen.

Also, the design of this product is compact so that you can shop it with none problem. Also, the device has an automated heating gadget. You do not should watch the cooking when you have other duties to do and while everyone is ready to eat, the meal is constantly at the proper temperature.

Tefal RK103811 proposes to be a cooking material that is straightforward to address, but realistic to know specifically rice cooker price in Bangladesh.

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Big ability: The potential of 5 litres of this version can feed at the same time up to 10 to fifteen people indicating its adaptability to big families.

The compactness: The layout of this device is compact despite the significance of its extent so that it is easy to store and find an area in a kitchen.

Keep warm feature: you've got the choice to take care of different duties in the course of and after cooking, due to the fact while you sit down right down to desk the rice is continually inside the warm country.


The cloth: The plastic that constitutes the steam basket isn't the proper cloth for this product in step with a few users who discover that it can be hot.

Seb RK100801 New conventional 10 Cups Rice Cooker

Seb RK100801 is a rice cooker model appropriate for an entire family for easy and automatic cooking.

It permits you to know food processor price in Bangladesh. It additionally allows you to cook extraordinary varieties of cereals, quinoa, bulgur or millet for quicker cooking, a perfect result with kitchen appliances.

As soon as cooked, it stops and mechanically continues your rice warm. This allows you to perform other responsibilities while not having to reveal its operation.

The bowl of this version is removable and is well-matched with the dishwasher for clean cleaning after each use. It's far blanketed with the nonstick cloth so you can without problems cast off the rest of the meals that stick to it.

It has an external steam basket allowing you to cook an aggregate of vegetables, chicken or fish. That is very convenient and permits you to store time with every training.

Its energy is 710Watts which constitutes a guarantee of the velocity of the belief of the cooking and the impeccability of the result received. What compares this model to the satisfactory Seb rice cooker and the nice reasonably-priced rice cooker on the market.

For lots of customers, Seb is the quality brand of the rice cooker. No wonder his Seb version RK100801 is so successful. It has the capability of one.5 litres and has an automated mode in addition to an automatic hot mode.

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Rice and cereals: This Seb RK100801 is the most a success model for cooking all styles of cereals (bulgur, spelt, millet, quinoa and so forth.) and rice.

Large ability: This unit is best for huge households. Certainly, thanks to its ability of 1. Five litres, it may put together rice for 10 to 12 people.

Sensible: the way to its automatic mode, you may be able to prepare a superbly cooked rice with an awesome texture, even if you are not a cooking seasoned. The cooker additionally has a vehicle warm mode.

Outside steam basket: This accessory, besides being very realistic, may also permit you to save cash. Indeed, this basket permits you to concurrently prepare dinner other ingredients (fish, vegetables and many others.) with steam.


No gadget On / Off: To turn off the device, it's going to disconnect its power cable, which is inconvenient, inside the opinion of users.