How to consult with medical marijuana doctors in michigan

Marijuana is legal in Michigan. However, if you want to get into the patient’s registry, you need to see a medical marijuana Michigan doctor.


They assess your conditions and permit you to apply for an MMj card- The card allows you to access MMJ dispensaries for high potency marijuana. The MMJ card is renewable every year. It would help if you were at least 21 years old to apply for the MMJ card. Parents and guardians can apply for their underage patients. 

 Have a Medical Marijuana Card

The first step to consult a medical marijuana Michigan doctor is to have an MMJ card. However, this is only possible if you are in the patient’s registry. Patients consult the doctors to assess the progress of their recovery. However, you can consult a medical marijuana card if you want to enroll in the patient’s registry.

To enroll in the patients’ registry, you will need to have at least one medical condition listed with the State department of health. Then, you can use your previous medical reports. After the doctor’s assessment, you will be awarded a medical marijuana card. 

Use Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the easiest way to consult a Michigan medical marijuana doctor. First, you will log into a website and book an appointment. Then, on the scheduled day, you can access an available doctor. 

With telemedicine, you can have consultation services. Also, the doctor can track down your progress by asking questions. They will guide you on how to use an MMJ without overusing it. The doctor can advise on when to add the dosage and when to reduce it. 

Be Confident

Be confident when you are talking to your doctor. Let them see you are sure of your decision. Also, do not shy away from asking tough and pertinent questions. Be keen to listen to the doctor’s concerns. You may change your mind when they tell you of the risks, side effects, and dangers of using marijuana. However, the advantages may be more than the risks. 

Be Honest

Tell the doctor where you got the idea of using medical marijuana. Also, you should disclose if you have used recreational marijuana. Finally, describe the effects marijuana had on your body. The details will help the doctor advise you in the right way. 

Ask Questions

There are several questions a patient can ask a medical marijuana Michigan doctor. The most common questions related to the risks and side effects. You can ask for clarifications on the points you did not understand during your research. 

You can ask about the typical patient and how much MMJ treatment can cost you. It will help you in planning for your medication. 


It is easier to consult medical marijuana Michigan doctors with telemedicine. What you need is a medical marijuana card. However, you can look for MMj doctors if you want to enroll in the MMJ program. Prepare the questions that you need to ask. Most importantly, be thorough so that you make a sound decision.