Moulinex Smooth Soup LM841110 Heating Blender: The Test And Review

Whilst we speak approximately multi-characteristic robots supposed to make cooking extra a laugh and less complicated,


 Moulinex has something to offer us. Getting ready scrumptious self-made soups becomes baby's play with its easy Soup heating blender that we examined the blender price in Bangladesh.

Characteristics of Moulinex smooth Soup

Easy Soup, the whole thing is already within the name of this tool which makes it clean to cook homemade soups. It is the most inexpensive version within the logo's range of heated blenders. It operates at the electricity of 1000 W, well enough to make soups, compotes and other purees quick and on the first attempt.

Its stainless steel box has a useful capability of one.2 litres (for a total capability of 3 litres). It's far as a substitute exciting for a small own family of 4 humans. The extraordinary advantage of stainless-steel is that it does no longer warmness plenty outdoor, not like glass which regularly turns into difficult to deal with below the impact of excessive temperature. It can, consequently, be moved without problems as soon as the soup is cooked, without risking burning yourself.


The layout of this meals processor is really excellent and harking back to that of a kettle or a thermos. With those white and stainless steel colours, it's far versatile. It isn't cumbersome either given its dimensions: 23 x 16 x 33 cm. Weighing 2.Four kg, it can be located on the desk at mealtime so as not to soil another container. So anyone can use as they wish. On the other hand, we suggest having a ladle next to it for serving, because the bowl does not have a spout, and also your chance to spill it everywhere.

Functions and handling

 To reduce fruit and greens to mash, the blender is delivered with four chrome steel blades. In this model, there is the simplest one speed, a small flat will suppose a few. But that is speedy made up for by way of the opportunity of selecting from four culinary applications: velvety soup, grilled soup, compote and mixing.

Every application is without difficulty reachable on the quilt of the tool, with a special colour for every one of them. After peeling and slicing the result, vegetables or meat simply placed them in the robotic and then press the start/prevent button. This unmarried button simultaneously turns the device on and rancid. Then, an unmarried click will release the preferred application.

As those are computerized features, all the parameters are already adjusted beforehand with the aid of the blender: temperature, cooking time and speed. We do not need to display the cooking of the soup or different recipes. The most cooking temperature is a hundred ° C. Besides the easy blending characteristic, there is, therefore, no guide application. We can not adjust the robot. He is there to do the entirety by myself (or nearly), without everybody having to interfere. You could watch television quietly while it's far simmering. A sign warns whilst the recipe is ready.

One of the capabilities that we appreciated became the hold warm characteristic. It starts evolved robotically for forty minutes after the end of cooking. And thanks to the double insulating wall of the chrome steel field, the soup remains virtually warm for the long term. This selection of the bowl wall also facilitates keep cocktails, juices and other bloodless preparations cool longer.

Blender performance

All through the check, we have been inspired by using the cookbook supplied with the tool to check its actual skills. Hot soup, bloodless soup, vegetable cream, smoothie, pancake batter, waffle batter ... There are many recipes inside the ebook, and there may be something to wonder the complete own family. It gives thoughts for each day. We are happy with the result of our take a look at. Meals blending is pinnacle-notch. Cream soups, soups and fruit compotes are perfectly carried out, and the meals are properly cooked. The automatic applications have been nicely thought out to make our lives as clean as possible.

As for the "blend" characteristic for definitely mixing, we had no problem with the result and veggies. On the other hand, we did no longer dare to attempt to weigh down ice because this robotic is not designed for. It does not provide this characteristic. Is there may be no function "pulse" to combine too tough foods, consisting of meat? Unexpectedly, there can be small portions, but not anything very painful.


Contrary to what one would possibly assume, the maintenance of the tool could be a very clean way to its clean cleansing application. That is a button positioned on the manipulate interface, next to the applications for soups and compotes. An unmarried click on will start it.

The bowl is cleaned in some seconds due to the fact in contrast to other mixers, the blades aren't at the lowest of the box. The blades are plunging, that is to mention, that they are fixed on the lid and held via a rod, similar to a traditional plunger mixer. As for the exterior of the tool, an easy sponge is sufficient to restore its shine beside juicer price in Bangladesh.

Customer critiques

This is the wide variety of sales in phrases of heated blenders on the internet. Clients are glad about their buy and supply it a general score of four. Three stars out of five. We word its simplicity of cleansing and use. Shoppers advise it for small budgets.

Editorial opinion and end

Like many customers, we were pleasantly amazed using the performance of the clean Soup heated blender. We're entitled to the fine that has continually made the reputation of Moulinex gadgets. Also, it offers very good value for cash and that is why we like it. We recommend it to fans of homemade dishes who want to put money into a good soup cooker without breaking their budget. Besides, self-made soup isn't pricey and can be loved whenever. Such a device can handiest facilitate daily existence, especially when you are out of suggestion for dinner as an example.