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After breaking most reception records in a single season, Saints receiver Michael Thomas was appropriately raised to 99 overall at Madden 20. Earlier, Tom's overall score was 98, and his scoring improved a bit after setting most of the single-season receiving record.

After a record day, EA tweeted that Thomas joined the 99 Club of Madden 20. However, it is unclear whether this is like EA's boost to Drew Brees when EA broke his career touchdown record. It is worth mentioning that Brace's score increased by 6 points, while Thomas' total score has reached 98. Considering that this is only a small increase, I think Thomas has certainly won his place among the Madden elite.

Thomas's current 99 total score is the players in the 99 clubs. The rating of "Big Bang" is unstable, so players can enter and exit the 99 clubs in any week. Patriot guard Stephon Gilmore is the next player to play on the doorstep and currently has an overall score of 98.

So far in his career, he has been the leader in the NFL's catch (145) and yards (1,688) this season. It can be said that Thomas's overall score improvement is necessary. I hope he stays there for the rest of the season.

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