What To Check When Buying A Smart TV In 2021

Samsung TV can incorporate with the decorations and furniture as a whole. You will know higher be confused by the TV frame when seeing a movie.


Slim Design

LED tv price in BD with Slim design combines fashion and function in a supreme show of elegance.

Metallic Casing

Metal Materials with good heat radiating effect present as a lovely and secure art in your living room.

Super Narrow Bezel

HDR delivers more excellent image contrast, enhances image information, and brings vibrant colors to life. By employing a special algorithm, the TV panel backlight is corrected automatically and dimmed to raise the maximum brightness of on-screen objects, consequently passing a much more complete brightness array.

Simplest Design

No screws or seams with a smooth signature; polished with high-precision surface polishing equipment.

Edgeless Design

Adopting the Advanced design of the ART5 edgeless screen technologies, Samsung tv price in Bangladesh can incorporate with the decorations and furniture as a whole. You will know higher be confused by the TV frame when seeing a movie.


HDR expert creates dazzling detail graphics with accurate reproduction of dark and light shades. And permit you to experience HDR content through all sources.

Ture Color

The newest creation of Samsung's LED backlight creates a milestone in LED backlight tech - White LED backlight to dramatically enhance color gamut and dynamic contrast.


Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh reproduce in stunning detail all shades of lighting, natural colors for an immersive viewing experience through 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Sport Mode

The Optimization of pictures and music allows viewers to enjoy the immersive sense of live-action sports events.

Dolby Audio

Delivers immersive 5.1 surround audio with Dolby decoder, which maximizes the TV's sound quality.


T-cast is the Integrated feature exclusive for Samsung. It permits you to operate the TV by using a smartphone; be in a position to screenshot extraordinary moment of TV app and share on social media; Cast the hottest movies and dramas to a more prominent display, and also able to cast audio and video to the portable system, you can use the non-stopped performance in every angle of your property.

Smart Volume

Samsung TV's Smart Volume attribute automatically corrects programming quantity, thus eliminating abrupt sound changes typically experienced when switching channels or if tv commercials atmosphere.

See Netflix at 4K HDR

Watch any films in 4K HDR now, with premium Netflix support. Members will be able to see more HDR articles in the forthcoming months.

Samsung TV +APP Store

Samsung TV+ APP Store Latest variant App Store provides you a comprehensive selection of applications, over 300+ applications ranging from video-on-demand, social, gaming, audio, and photo sharing that enables interaction involving TV and mobile sets.


As one of the world's leading online television with a massive range of popular material, Netflix has something for everyone. You can watch TV shows recommended only for you, such as award-winning Netflix first show, films, and documentaries.


With YouTube, You can see exactly what the world sees in 4K quality in the hottest music videos to trend in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Subscribe to stations you love, share with friends, and see any device.


Samsung's Built-in Bluetooth technology permits you to enjoy your favorite music on your compatible Bluetooth device.


Love your favorite on-demand content at a great lick through your existing network with built-in Wi-Fi.


HDMI2.0 Supports a 4K resolution image with a high transmission rate of up to 4 sound Streams could also supply a higher standard for better audio quality.