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Top 10 Eye-catching DIY Apartment Décor Ideas


When you buy your dream home or an apartment in DLF Ultima, you want to give it a touch of our own. No matter how beautifully your apartment has been pre-designed and how elegant the interiors of your apartments are, giving it a touch of self is something that everyone wants to do.

However, if you make wrong selections for the stuff you choose to add in your house it can be worst than a nightmare. That is why I have come up with some best ideas for decorating your home with some DIY (Do It Yourself) tricks to give your home an attractive look.

Here is the list of top DIYs

  1. Starting from the kitchen of your apartment, the best thing you can do is invest in a hanging kitchen garden. This is one of the most budget-friendly ideas as you will only need a clay pot, some rubber bands, jute rope, etc.
  2. In your living area, you can put up some Anthro-inspired zinc letters on the wall which is enough to give it an elegant look. You can create the word of your choice and paint the letters with some interesting colors.
  3. Apart from this, you may also put up uniquely designed soap dispensers which will catch the attention of everyone in your house.
  4. A wooden coffee cup holder in your DLF Ultima apartment kitchen will be like a cherry on the top of your cake. You will just need some hooks, paint, cardboard, and stencils of your choice.
  5. Indoor plants are also trending nowadays. You can place these plants near the window of your bedroom in some interesting pots.
  6. In addition to this, you can place some gel candle jars on your center table. Or, use these jars to store some other tiny stuff.
  7. On your cushions, you can paint some golden leaves with fabric paint as it will enhance the look of your drawing room.
  8. Use remnant rugs of different shapes and sizes. Give it a touch of your own by using acrylic colors on them.
  9. Use a wooden top and attach hairpin legs to it to create a DIY table. It would surely enhance the beauty of your home.
  10. Make some paper flowergarland and put on the entrance of your house so as to give a refreshing welcome to your guests.

You will definitely love these eye-catching DIY ideas as these are from the list of the top choice of the users. All these ideas are quite budget-friendly and do not consume much time.