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Questions to ask before buying an apartment in DLF the Ultima Gurugram

For some, buying a property is one of the biggest decisions of life and for some, it is like a piece of cake. Those of you who are buying an apartment in DLF the Ultima for the first time, it would not be an easy task as you could easily fall into the sellers or builders trap.

Hence, there are certain things you should investigate before buying an apartment in Gurugram. These questions can also be given preferences when you are planning to buy a ready-to-move apartment in DLF the Ultima. 

Most common property-buying questions


  • What is the status of the title?


A property should be free from all the legal flaws because most of the time the landowner and the builder are in a joint venture resulting in legal clashes. Thus, knowing about the actual status of the property is quite essential. 


  • What is the actual price of the apartment?


At times, the seller might hide some financial details from the buyers so that it seems cheaper to them and they get lured to buy it. In that case, you should investigate the miscellaneous charges including the GST details. 


  • Is the seller reputed and credible?


While most of you might ignore this question and not give it heed, this is one of the most important things to contemplate. If a seller has a bad reputation in the market, then there must be a reason behind it and he may not be a credible seller. Thus, knowing about the same is very important. 


  • Does the seller have the complete occupancy? 


A builder or seller has all the necessary and legal documents of the complete occupancy of the apartment in DLF the Ultima Gurgaon are considered the best in the real estate market. Failing to possess these documents can result in unnecessary hurdles and loss of money. 


  • If he can show you the actual apartment or not?


Failing to show you the actual apartment you are going to buy gives way to certain questions. If the property is legal, why is he not able to show you the apartment, what is he trying to hide from the buyer. Thus, having a look at the apartment yourself is very important as you can easily check the quality of construction as well. 

These were some of the important questions to ask before buying an apartment in Gurugram. These questions are not only restricted to buying an apartment in DLF the Ultima, but also other parts of the city.