Manufacturing of metal parts - cold extrusion forming

Manufacturing of metal parts - cold extrusion forming


With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the trend of product diversification and personalization is further intensified. Reforming the traditional processing methods to adapt to the market will greatly speed up the product renewal of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing of metal parts is suitable for product demand marketization.Get more news about Precision Cold Extrusion,you can vist our website!

Manufacturing of metal parts - cold extrusion forming is a new technology developed on the basis of traditional metal plastic processing. In recent years, cold extrusion technology is one of the new processes that have been rapidly developed in all walks of life, and it is also an important means in manufacturing of metal parts. Compared with other manufacturing processes (such as cutting, casting, forging), it has the advantages of "high quality, high yield, low consumption, and low cost". At present, it plays an extremely important role in automobile, electronic communication, light industry, construction, aerospace, military, daily hardware and other manufacturing industries. Especially in the parts manufacturing industry in the 21st century, after China's accession to the WTO, the market competition for product prices is increasingly fierce, and cold extrusion technology has become one of the important indicators for enterprises to continue to develop and expand. It is generally believed that a country's cold forming (cold extrusion, cold forging, cold heading and stamping) processing technology level is an important symbol and reflection of the country's automobile industry level, industrialization level and even modernization level. Manufacturing of metal parts is related to cutting in automobile industry. According to the report of the foreign automobile industry, the cold extrusion parts on each vehicle have reached 80kg, replacing the cutting method used in the past. It is estimated that the Manufacturing of metal parts in automobiles will continue to increase in 2010. Why should the advanced cold extrusion technology be widely used in the mechanical manufacturing process? Because it has the following significant advantages in technology and economy.

Significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials Cold extrusion is a metal plastic forming processing method. On the premise of not damaging the metal, it makes the metal volume plastic transfer, so as to make the metal form with less chips and no chips, and make the required shape and size of manufacturing of metal parts. In this way, a large number of metal scraps formed during cutting are avoided, and raw materials of steel and nonferrous metals are greatly saved, so that 1t metal materials can be used for 2t, or even 3~5t.

Improve labor productivity The cold extruding parts are carried out on a press, which is easy to operate, easy to master and high in productivity. For example, the base material of manufacturing of metal parts is soft, the cutting performance is poor, and the machining is difficult. After cold extrusion, not only raw materials are saved significantly, but also the productivity is increased by 30 times. Another example is the piston pin of automobile engine. The productivity of cold extrusion is 3.2 times higher than that of turning. At present, the cold extrusion piston pin automaton is also produced, which further improves the productivity. The productivity of one cold extrusion automaton is equivalent to 100 horizontal lathes or 10 four axis automatic lathes.