Subsequent to putting in several hours with NBA 2K22

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The key element to shot success this year is Shot IQ. Teams that are focused on open looks and take smart shots are bound to experience much more success than the teams that force poor shots NBA 2K Coins. Focus-group testing has been extensive for the new shooting mechanics with players of all skill levels . We believe that this is the best shooting that we have been in NBA 2K.

We've revamped the blocking system in NBA 2K22 and we're providing rim protectors with more tools to make fantastic stops on the edge. To top it off, on PS5 we've also added timing meters to both alley-oop and dangerous skill dunks.

If you're attempting an alley pass being made in air, then you'll have to press the Shot Button at just the right timing to finish the action. And on the dunking side Holding the Sprint and pulling straight to the Pro Stick will trigger the brutal skill dunks.

With NBA 2K21, we debuted a brand-new player builder tool on PS5 which let you define your attribute caps as you wanted. We've made several adjustments to the system this year, including greatly increasing the amount of badges you can have at your disposal, and making it easier to recognize all badges available 2K22 MT Buy, the cost at each tier, and the required thresholds for attribute to hit each level.