2020 adidas Originals Superstar White/Multi-Color FX3923 Online Cheap

2020 adidas Originals Superstar White/Multi-Color FX3923 Online Cheap


Cheap Jordan Retro Due to the impact of the epidemic, the NBA has been shut down again since March and did not usher in the rematch until the end of July. Affected by this, the original new product promotion plans of many sports brands have also been shelved, but for New Balance, they seem to " A blessing in disguise".In the Chicago NBA All-Star Game in February this year, Kawhi Leonard scored 8 three-pointers and led the West to a narrow victory over the East. At the same time, with his excellent performance, he won the first "Kobe Bryant Cup" home. . At that time, Leonard was wearing his first professional pair of signature shoes-New Balance The Kawhi.
adidas FX3923 Why is it "a blessing in disguise"? According to New Balance’s original plan, it may take several months to complete the preparatory work (including mass production, quality inspection, publicity, etc.) before the launch of the shoes, and wait until July and August when everything is ready, perhaps the season It has ended. Therefore, New Balance initially set the release time of the pair of The Kawhi in this fall, that is, when the NBA 2020-21 season is about to begin. Only through the use of the spokesperson Kawhi Leonard on the NBA field can it bring more Exposure and heat. However, the sudden suspension of the NBA gave New Balance plenty of time to prepare, allowing them to catch up with the moment when the playoffs are about to begin and officially release the pair of The Kawhi. For consumers, affected by the NBA suspension, the major sneaker manufacturers are much less intense and less frequent in the release of star signature shoes. The emergence of New Balance The Kawhi at this moment undoubtedly gives this dullness. A cardiotonic shot in the market.

2020 Jordan Shoes In last year's NBA All-Star Game, Leonard officially launched his first pair of basketball shoes New Balance OMN1S after signing with New Balance. Many people think that this is the first pair of signature shoes that Kawhi Leonard has harvested in his career. In fact, it is not. OMN1S means omnis in English, which means omnipotence. It symbolizes a pair of basketball shoes that can be competent for any position on the court and suitable for any style of play. And Kawhi Leonard only has many PE colors as the spokesperson of this pair of shoes. Until the NBA All-Star Game in February this year, Kawhi Leonard's pair of New Balance The Kawhi was the first pair of personal signature shoes in the true sense, and it was also the first pair of star signature shoes after New Balance officially returned to the basketball field.