Optimize your love language in the communication of your couple

Communication in the couple is one of the biggest problems encountered in married life. The difference in communication between a couple can be a source of conflict and estrangement, especially if our desires, our expectations,


Communication in the couple is one of the biggest problems encountered in married life. The difference in communication between a couple can be a source of conflict and estrangement, especially if our desires, our expectations, our vision and even our energy are not necessarily based on the same frequency and the same intensity at the same time.

Not easy to compose with two different melodies within the same symphony. So how can we manage to tune our violins when certain things resonate with us in the form of false notes?

I grant you, it is not easy to come to terms with a functioning that is sometimes the opposite of one's in which the divergence of "tone", of sensitivity or of the words used to express a message, a thought or a desire can quickly lead to an interpretation, a judgment or even a rejection of the other to "secure" the self. I hope you would like to share Good morning images especially written for your life partner today. And if you want to show some love just share Shayari for wife, just for your wife. 

We often tend to think that there is only one way to express our love and that only ours really has this correctness in its transmission. Thus, when the other brings something different, we almost systematically adopt this defensive posture, thus preferring to kick into touch.

Our pride and ego then deprive us of the discovery of the world of others in which there is this part of intimacy essential to understanding what he lives and feels. Perhaps you will think that I am rambling because many people do not have confidence in their "potential" in love, but let's admit, all the same, that we all have trouble accepting when the other does not speak the same language as us, and more, when it concerns this complex feeling which is the love.

Not speaking the same language is not a problem in itself, the real problem lies in the fact that we are not ready to learn that of others, with the aim of expanding our consciousness while giving us maximum chance for communication to be effective, benevolent and pleasant. We prefer to stick to our position to the detriment of an opening towards the subjective reality of the other.

This famous free will which must be put forward in the couple is therefore non-existent or becomes porous by dint of wanting to impose instead of welcoming.

We make the mistake of not being both in this double posture of the one who listens and the one who expresses himself. Without this double "cap", there is a good chance that you will deprive yourself of one of the greatest riches contained in a romantic relationship.

And even if the hearing does not necessarily mean acquiescing and expressing does not necessarily mean holding THE truth, this leaves the possibility for the other to exteriorize, on the one hand, his uniqueness and, on the other hand, to receive that of others to complement each other. Respecting this form of equity undoubtedly makes the couple evolve towards serenity.

How to adapt your communication?

Being interested in how your spouse likes to "give" his/her love is a good indicator to perceive how he/she also likes to receive it. If you really pay attention to these details, it will give you the opportunity to adapt your communication so that it can be better perceived by others.

Just because your communication is different from others doesn't mean theirs and yours don't deserve to be fully expressed.

Today, you may mistakenly think that you have already tried everything to make yourself heard. However, you may forget that you only did it through your own language. Ultimately, it may not be so much your way of communicating that he/she doesn't like, it's just that it doesn't resonate with him/her. To touch the other, it is essential to communicate in the language that she understands best. You may also like our latest post of love shayari in english for your life partner. 

Try it and you will see that her reservoir of love will fill up over time until it becomes natural for each of you. You will be able to speak her language of love just as she will be able to speak yours.

Relationships need time so it's better to have a couple of trips to a romantic location, plan a trip, calculate days between dates, apply for leave in the office and enjoy your time with your partner. 
Freedom to be oneself, welcome of the “you” and vibration of the “We”. This will symbolize the renewal in your relationship.