Air Compressor Manufacturers-Portable Air Compressors: Which Parts?

The portable air compressor assembly includes a tubular frame having a pair of parallelogram shaped sides



The portable air compressor assembly includes a tubular frame having a pair of parallelogram shaped sides. The support plate is connected between the sides and is positioned horizontally in the normal operating position of the compressor. A plurality of operating parts are connected to the support plate. The fluid pressure tank is perpendicular to the side and supported in front of the operating part. The frame surrounds the outer periphery of the operating member and extends at an angle to a stopping point behind the operating member. When leaning back to the stop point, the compressor assembly will return to the normal operating position of the compressor due to gravity. The instrument panel and connector panel including the engine on/off switch are installed in a protected location. The wheels and structural feet are detachable, the handle is retractable and detachable for transportation.

Air compressors usually provide a source of compressed air that is temporarily stored in a pressure tank. The excitation device, usually an electric motor or an internal combustion engine, is connected to the compressor unit. The compressor unit typically includes a piston assembly or compressor pump that compresses air from the atmosphere and forces it into a fluid pressure tank for temporary storage. In order to make the air compressor easy to use on the job site, a structural frame is provided. The frame usually provides at least one wheel for the mobility of the air compressor assembly.


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