Instructor led training to digital learning: Tips to convert

Looking to convert ILT modules in the eLearning module? Fill the learning gap, analyze the environment and accurately illustrate concepts.


Like every coin has its two sides, ILT (Instructor-Led Training) solutions comprise few drawbacks. It includes limited reach and expensive LD costs. However, it does not means these solutions go into vain. Instructor led training solutions are convertible into digital learning. Moreover, clients can easily convert with the same traditional learning punch.

It will take a long duration to convert. But, quality results do not compromise quality standards. Either outsource professional ILT companies or follow this post. Below we highlighted the suitable tips and tricks to converting ILT modules into eLearning.

Tips for ILT to digital learning conversion Fill in content gaps

First, deliver complete packages to engage learners. Moreover, integrate instructors’ generated instructions in the learning package.


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