Steps To Build A Great Homework Station For Improved Productivity

three rules that will help you improve your child’s homework productivity.


The homework station plays an essential role in the way your child take psychology homework help. It may not improve her IQ, but the ambience impacts the focus, motivation, quick completion of the task and reduces the frequency to buy homework. Discussed below are the three rules that will help you improve your child’s homework productivity. 

Rule #1: Face the empty wall

Kids don’t take seconds to get distracted on their own. She may ask you to “help me with my math homework but never to lose herself in the cloud. So placing the desk by the window will do more harm than good. Similarly, if you put the desk facing an open space, your child may set her eyes on anything g other than the books and notes like a door, if someone peep in, or a couch to sleep comfortably. Thus the best thing is to keep the desk in line with a wall without pictures or writing. The best colour for this wall could be cedar or ivory.

Rule #2: Agree to have a no-phone during homework policy

If your child is at least an adolescent and has a mobile phone, make an agreement to have a no-phone during homework policy. If needed, buy a colourful charging holder and keep it charging anywhere other than the room she studies; it is one of the major distractions for your child’s homework. You can also buy a calculator to eliminate an excuse to use the phone, else be ready to look for services offering accounting homework help free.

Rule #3: Keep everything within arm’s reach

Make sure you have ample drawers near your child’s desk with everything labelled on them. It will reduce her frequency of getting up while studying and stumbling upon anything that will catch her attention and sway her focus away from the homework. In addition, you can follow the practice “first finish what you started.” If she has started working on physics homework, she must get it done first; otherwise, you may have to look for Physics homework help online.

Here is a sample list of drawers you may need:

  • Pencils, Pens, Markers
  • Index Cards and Post-it Notes
  • Rubber Band, Scissors, Stapler
  • Rulers and Erasers
  • Clean Paper, Notepads, Folders
  • Textbooks
  • Notebooks and Binders
  • Tissue
  • Water bottles 

Thus, the points discussed above will help you improve your child’s homework productivity.

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