China Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers Introduce What Is A Two-tank Sink

China Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers introduce whether the sink is single or double:



China Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers introduce whether the sink is single or double:

1. Double groove and single groove
Of course, the small-sized stainless steel kitchen sink should choose a single sink. If it is a kitchen with a large space, the double sink is also a better choice, mainly depending on the degree of personal preference. In fact, both have their own advantages. It can't be said that a single sink is good or a double sink is good.

2. The basin on the stage
Basin under the table: The opening specification of the table top is the same as that of the basin liner of the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is pasted from the bottom of the table top. The stone opening fits perfectly with the basin liner, and then it is fixed on its marble with hook glue. The advantage is that the water and dirt on the table can be easily swept into the sink, which is very convenient to clean.

Upper basin: Different from the lower basin, the opening size is the same as that of the kitchen sink basin, but when it is put in from the countertop, the edge of the basin liner will be exposed on the top of the cabinet countertop. It is convenient to install, but it is very inconvenient to clean up in the future, and it is easy to grow mildew and blacken the gap after a long time.

3. Stainless steel faucet
No matter whether it is a single tank or a double tank, a faucet will be used in any kitchen stainless steel sink. Installing a pull-out stainless steel faucet can clean up all the corners of the sink, which is very convenient to use. In fact, the stainless steel sink in the kitchen has been used for a long time, and "floating rust" may appear on the surface. In addition, it is also a high incidence period of floating rust after decoration, so in the daily use process, try to keep the sink clean, especially don't let some metal substances, organic substances and acid and alkali chemicals remain in the tray for a long time. If these substances are left on the tray carelessly, causing some floating rust on the tray body, you can use the cleaning paste specially configured by the stainless steel sink manufacturer, and wipe it gently along the lines of the sink with a non-protective cloth. After the floating rust disappears, rinse it with clear water.

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