Why Spanish Captioning Services Are Important For YouTube?

Ever wondered why Spanish captioning services are so vital for a YouTube video? Don’t know the answer yet, then click here for details.


Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with more than 450 million native speakers. Chinese is the first language that is spoken by most of the people in the world as ranks as number 1 before Spanish. English is at third place behind Spanish with around 360 million native speakers. The demand for Spanish content is high because of the wide population of the world is able to speak Spanish. The total population of the world which is able to speak the Spanish language is more than 477 million. Out of this total, around 21 million people speak it as a secondary language. An estimated number of 572 million Spanish speakers use the language as their first or second language.

Do you know that Spanish is one of the most studied languages around the globe? It holds the third position in this list after English and French. Spanish is a language that is popular on almost every continent. You can find Spanish speakers easily in Europe, North America, and South America but on the other hand, the language is also present in other continents like Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The countries such as the Philippines in Asia, The Easter Island (owned by Chile) in Oceania, and Equatorial Guinea in Africa are a few names that are keeping the language alive in these continents.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries across 4 continents. These countries include Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, Puerto Rico, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

YouTube Story

YouTube is the biggest online platform for sharing videos. In one single minute, 500+ hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. This online platform has more than 2 billion users. On an everyday basis, more than 1 billion videos are watched by people on YouTube. Being such a useful and famous online platform has made it important for YouTube to translate its website into multiple languages. The content available on YouTube includes almost every language and keeping this in mind, the founders made it possible for you to access the YouTube mobile application or the website in more than 80 languages. It covers almost 95% of the population of the world.

Why YouTube Need Spanish Video Captioning Services?

Spanish is one of the top internet languages. As per recent studies, around 8% of the total internet users are the speaker of the Spanish language and thus prefer content in their native language. Spanish closed captioning services are no less than a blessing in a situation like this. These services provide all the content present in the original video as captions, which are presented at the bottom of the video, in the Spanish language. This is a great way of improving the number of views on a YouTube video plus reaching out to a huge Spanish speaking population in the world.

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