Transcription Services to Help e-learning Business Grow

:The article provides details about e-learning business and the need for transcription services

The Business of e-learning

The journey of e-learning has been arduous, albeit a blissful one. Coursera the largest provider of online education is projected to be worth between $42.97B and $65.48B by 2026. As for the whole of the E-Learning Market, it is valued at around $190B in 2018, will grow at a CAGR of 7% from 2019 to 2025.

Benefits of e-learning

In the US, 77% of employers are using e-learning as a form of employee training. This advance is supported by glaring statistics, companies using e-learning to train employees to generate 26% more revenue than that which done. Gamification of safety training leads to a reduction in safety-related incidents by 45%. E-learning is leaving a mark in the corporate and public sphere.

Something for the Students

Transcriptions act as digital notes for the students. Students can edit, print, and highlight important sections. Search for important terminologies through the word processor. Also, since reading is faster than watching a video and transcript helps facilitates reading. Transcripts help students stay focused on the on-screen content, and thus becomes consequential in acquiring a new skill.   

Transcription and Communication

The growth of the e-learning business is entailed by the growth in the Transcription industry for e-learning. An effective Transcription allows for effective communication, also helping to promote the educational content. Video can be transcribed, transcripts can be translated and this crème de la creme of the video information can be shared among coordinates allowing productive communication. 

Transcription Services for e-learning Companies

A Transcription might seem like a straight forward task. When you look into a mirror you can’t help but wonder - I am the cheapest transcriber out there by the virtue of being able to listen and type!!! However, once the aspiring Transcriber  watches an hour-long video on neuroscience, one always leaves the Transcription to professionals.

Online video transcription services provide accuracy, convenience, and efficiency in transcription. First, using online transcription services can be used at the comfort of your couch. You upload your audios and e-learning videos, or link to those videos. Your files are securely sent to an academic transcriber. The academic transcribers work their way around academic jargon and vocabularies. The academic transcribers make sure accuracy is placed at the forefront as the transcripts can be utilized in various forms. The E Learning transcription services ensure that you save money and time; it helps you dodge pesky grammatical errors, and make sure transcription is done within delineated deadlines.