Limitations to apply for medical marijuana cards in michigan?

Medical marijuana can be a great way of managing symptoms, primarily related to pain, chronic illnesses, and conditions.


In Michigan, medical marijuana is legal. Consequently, as long as they have proper documentation in identity cards to verify, they are allowed to use medical marijuana. 

Along with the many benefits of having a card, there are also several limitations of Michigan medical marijuana cards. The best way is to consult a knowledgeable medical marijuana lawyer to answer all your questions if you want to gain an insight into the benefits and limitations of Michigan medical marijuana card identification cards. 

Despite legalizing medical marijuana to be used for recreational and medicinal purposes, there are certain limitations. For instance, only people above 21 years of age can avail of it, which is difficult for minors. Let's have a sneak-peek into some of the limitations of medical marijuana to help you get medical marijuana cards in Michigan

Limitations of medical marijuana 

Enclosed locked facility 

The foremost limitation of medical marijuana cards is that only certified individuals can grow cannabis in enclosed and locked facilities. An enclosed area is secured with locks and only allows the patients or caregivers to access the same. If it is stationary, then it can be a closet or any other comparable room. 

It means that they cannot have a public marijuana lab in the eyes of the law. If the plants are in an enclosed, locked facility and not visible at the ground level, only the individual can grow medical marijuana outdoors. It would be best if you grow the marijuana within a stationary structure that prevents easy access. 

Only registered qualifying patients or the primary caregiver can have access to the enclosed, locked facility. 

Transporting medical marijuana 

Those who are patients and caregivers can transport the medical marijuana in a car. Suppose the medical marijuana is out of reach of the drivers and passengers. In that case, marijuana can only be transported in a motor vehicle as it is treated like alcohol under the eyes of the law. Certain persons are refrained from transporting medical marijuana according to the law. 

Edible infused products 

The products infused with medical marijuana are known as edibles. In Michigan, only one can come up with these products, which possess the medical marijuana license. According to law, medical marijuana-infused products should only be transported in a car within an enclosed, locked facility. 

Medical marijuana identity card 

Another limitation of medical marijuana is that they do not allow the patients to become recreational drug dealers. Without any doubt, the card permits the patients to use, possess and cultivate a small amount of medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. The caregivers tend to do it on their behalf for the patients who are too sick to do it themselves. 

A patient faces criminal prosecution for the use, possession, cultivation, or delivery of the marijuana like any other individual if the protections of medical marijuana do not apply. 

Age limit

As far as the usage of medical marijuana is concerned, there are strict age limits for that. Only persons aged above 21 years or above can legally use medical marijuana. Those who are of 21 years can possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable cannabis or cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants for personal use. Not only this, but adults can even store up to 10 ounces of marijuana inside. 

Besides this, Michigan's obligation is that the delivery services should only accrue to such a person who makes the order and receives it. Moreover, the person who placed the order should be 21 years of age. But the delivery boy also should be above 21 years of age. 


Overcoming all these limitations can easily get you medical marijuana cards in Michigan. It won't take much time and will permit you to take full advantage of it.