Who Will Be the Cover Athlete of NHL 22 This Year

We do not yet know the release date of NHL 22, but according to predictions, the time may be in mid-September


We do not yet know the release date of NHL 22, but according to predictions, the time may be in mid-September. So who will be the cover athlete of NHL 22 this year?

The NHL 21 feature is Alex Ovechkin, who is one of the stars in this year's playoffs. Obviously, Ovichkin's cover star status has no curse. He continued to participate in 45 of the 56 games, scoring 24 goals and assisting in 18 games. This helped the Capitals achieve a 36-15-5 record and ranked first in the NHL Eastern Conference playoffs. Although Ovechkin is a huge impetus on the ice for his team, EA predicts that another team will win the Stanley Cup.

Before Ovechkin, the cover characters were Auston Matthews, P.K. Subban, Connor McDavid and Vladimir Tarasenko. Now, it's time to start looking for the cover star of the next game.

A strong candidate for the NHL 22 cover athlete is Edmonton's Leon Dressart. The Oilers center had a brilliant season. He scored 31 goals and 53 assists in all 56 games. His total score is 84 points, second only to Conor McDavid (Conor McDavid). Draisatl's Oilers are now fighting the Winnipeg Jets in the first round of the playoffs.

If they continue to escape, they will attract people's attention. According to the recent covers of Matthews and McDavid, Draseatl has never appeared on the cover of EA, and it seems that it is destined to appear on the cover of EA.

Based on popularity and statistics, Nathan McKinnon may be another reliable choice. The two-time All-Star player has scored 20 goals and assisted 45 times in 48 games in the regular season. His Colorado Avalanche team was the presidential trophy team with the best overall record in the NHL last season.

As of the release of this report, the Oilers center hopes to lead the team into the next round of the playoffs, and they will fight the St. Louis Blues team. At the age of 25, he seemed to be an excellent choice for NHL 22 cover athletes.

According to a Trib Live report, McKinnon was one of the top 10 players in NHL jersey sales earlier this year. There may be another pop star who can be on the cover in the top 10 list, David Pasternak or Elias Patterson. It is worth noting that Auston Matthews is among the best among all players.

Other considerations seem to include Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Drew Doughty and Hendrik Lundqvist. They have enjoyed an impressive career in many seasons and seem to be valuable, but they may have rejected this offer in the past.

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