Phase 1 Gear Guide for the Classic Protection Warrior Tank in the Burning Crusade

The Ret Paladin is competitive in the arena, but he is not among the top tier


The Ret Paladin is competitive in the arena, but he is not among the top tier. You lack the spread damage of a warlock, the mortal strike debuff of a warrior, and the overall control that a rogue or mage can provide. Instead, you serve as a defensive support while also providing sporadic bursts of damage with Seal Twisting. The most significant disadvantage of being a Ret Paladin is that you are removed from the battle immediately by the Mana Burn ability. Most notable is the Cleanse button, which, when used in conjunction with some ridiculously strong bursts, allows you to clean up a lot of damage.

From here, you'll want to collect all five pieces of your PVP equipment, as well as the weapon. As long as you have a weapon that has the same dps as your PVE weapon, the weapon is the lowest priority item. Ex: If you have Gorehowl or Deep Thunder in season 1, you're fine waiting for the pvp weapon to arrive. Instead, you want to use the other pieces to increase your resilience and general pvp stats. While you're waiting, you can use the Blue PVP High Warlord or Grand Marshal pieces, or a high-level PVE item such as Tier 4 to fill in the gaps. There's also an auction house and a bank where you can deposit your vanilla World of Warcraft gold. Let's take a quick look at Anduin, who didn't have a lot to do.


In the Burning Crusade Classic, the Retribution Paladin is a PvP role

Several powerful abilities help you keep your key bound and ready, including Blessing of Freedom, which keeps your allies moving toward their target, Hammer of Justice, which is a great stun, and Seal of Justice, which, along with its associated judgment, helps keep people from getting away from you. Cleanse is always your most powerful button, as it allows you to dispel a variety of CCs from your allies.

This is the more difficult, but potentially more enjoyable, of the two possible specifications. You pick up 5/5 Reckoning as well as going down to ret to pick up Repentance for the extra CC / Interrupt. You want to be ready to pop some CDs, perform some solid seal twisting, and pray to the RNG gods when your reckoning comes up. With this build, you're relying on these extremely fine burst windows, and you're pairing it up with a shaman and a Windfury Totem, which works out beautifully. When the stars align perfectly, this can line up three melee swings (one of which is a windfury), four seal of blood procs, and a seal of command proc in a single auto swing, resulting in upwards of 6-8k of damage. The same can be said for wow items, and World of Warcraft Classic Gold from Classic servers has been a long-standing request throughout the world.


In the Burning Crusade Classic, the Retribution Paladin's PvP viability is unknown

The gearing of your Protection Warrior in TBCC is heavily influenced by the raiding environment in which you find yourself. In order to withstand the pressure from high-performing damage dealers, some guilds may require a higher threat ceiling, whereas other guilds may encourage erring on the side of caution and focusing solely on survival. Each tank must decide on the balance between threat and mitigation they want to achieve based on their experience within their group and for different encounters. Most guilds will require a combination of the two. If you want to get your hands on some more WOW classic gold, you can purchase World of Warcraft gold from digital goods marketplaces such as Eldorado. gg.

As a result, I have made a selection of the most balanced and cost-effective items for each slot, as well as a threat and a mitigation-oriented alternative when applicable. As a Protection Warrior in TBCC, it is also important to note that gearing requires constant adjustments in order to maintain your crit immunity as you level up your equipment, and that you may lose defense and resilience ratings as you level up your gear. Make sure you have a variety of item alternatives on hand so that you can mix and match your stats and meet your objectives for survival and threat. This is classic World of Warcraft. Because your character is weak, it is difficult to obtain WOW TBC gold EU and purchase all of the best items, as opposed to using WoW gold.


Best in Slot (BiS) Feral Druid DPS Pre-Raid Gear Guide for the Burning Crusade Classic

We are probably the weakest of the Battle Grounds in Warsong Gulch, but even there, we are a really strong melee damage dealer and support for flag runners, with Blessing of Freedom taking the lead in that area.

In World of Warcraft, the Ret Paladin serves two functions: as a support character who provides stuns, dispels, and various buffs, and as a burst damage dealer. You are a solo monster in battlegrounds, able to survive for long periods of time while dishing out CC and still providing all of the buffs and debuffs that you would normally provide at the auction house and the bank, where you can deposit your vanilla World of Warcraft gold. Let's take a quick look at Anduin, who had absolutely no involvement in the action.