Clothing Interlining Market Value of the Market to Enhance the Strategy

Clothing Interlining Market Value of the Market to Enhance the Strategy



In the recently held China Industrial Textiles Industry Association interlining Materials Branch 2012 annual meeting, the domestic textile industry experts with the current domestic and international economic situation, how to further accelerate the industrial upgrading, technological innovation, management innovation and brand building, to achieve industrial value Promotion, carried out in-depth discussion.

Industry new standards: the establishment of a complete inspection system or rules

Today, the interlining standard system has begun to take shape, the implementation of the standard, to standardize production, improve product quality, strengthen trade exchanges played a positive role in promoting. "One of the priorities of our work in the future is to strengthen the standard publicity work. We will work with the interlining staff to help companies understand the standards, master the standards, better implement the standards, and collect them in a timely manner," said Zhang Baoqing, senior engineer of Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision. Standard implementation, to promote the implementation of standards in the industry.

According to "clothing interlining inspection planning" standard interpretation, enterprises in the actual production should be implemented from the following aspects. First, according to the principles of national standards, the development of corporate standards and management rules. Second, the standardization of enterprise inspection work. Modern enterprise management in the inspection is a systematic project, including the whole process of running the enterprise, all aspects of the inspection, change after the test for the process control, the establishment of a complete set of inspection system or rules.

Enterprises should establish a set of complete compliance with the actual production of the quality control system to ensure that the factory product quality in line with national standards, while the problem occurs in the management system to find which batch, which frequency of production and Test, which link problems, to avoid a vicious circle.

Enterprise new technology: outstanding new material innovation GMP

The traditional role of interinterlining in the past is to increase the strength of the fabric, to maintain the shape, and to help dry cleaning. Now the development trend of interlining cloth is more innovative design, modeling more fashionable, more subtle technology, and clothing with more harmonious. Lenny Gulli (Wujiang) Textile Co., Ltd. Asian product manager Gui Dongqing that the new era of the product is environmentally friendly products (green materials, sustainable development materials) and functional products. He said at the meeting of the "new interlining materials technology application" report said that in recent years a prominent technological innovation is GMP, that is, molecular point coating. There is no GMP of the traditional plastic coating interlining interlining in the sandwich when the pressure will appear reverse osmosis problems, GMP coating interlining will not appear reverse osmosis problems. GMP (full molecular point coating) features, one is a wide range of hot operation, flexible conditions (116 degrees to 143 degrees); Second, increase and ensure the peel strength; Third, the family wash and dry cleaning can still be very good Performance; four is significantly reduced the reverse osmosis problem. Another new technology, that is, double-sided coating adhesive interlining, its characteristics, one is double-sided adhesive; the second is a variety of mesh; third is the melting point of each side can be different; four can be used for fabrics and leather Of the fit.

Downstream new requirements: raw materials related to environmental protection clothing rate

The new growth point of clothing will drive the new growth point interlining, fast fashion and personalized clothing needs interlining with.

Speaking of some clothing did not meet the environmental protection and quality requirements, the reporter Zhu Xi child according to the comparison of 60 garment enterprises sample survey results that clothing is largely qualified unqualified raw materials, clothing testing will detect pH, formaldehyde Indicators, which is linked with the interlining industry. interlining and other accessories are small, once the quality of failure, is implicated in the whole batch of clothing or even the entire clothing brand. In the future there will be more enterprises on the interlining of environmental requirements. Clothing environmental protection is inseparable from the environmental protection of raw materials, so interlining in addition to practicality, but also must be healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition, in addition to meet the clothing on the interlining of the environmental protection and quality requirements, fashion and technology requirements, but also the development of lower melting point of low-temperature interlining, antibacterial washing, micro-interlining, and ultra-free aldehyde and superfluous reduction rate.

Also worthy of interlining industry concern is online shopping. Zhejiang China Textile City Network Co., Ltd. Merchants Manager Liu Jingjuan said that the network platform can make Interlining enterprises in the technical, market consulting, exchange, and truly realize the exchange of information exchange between industry associations. More information please click