Latest 4K Smart Televisions At Bangladesh

Transtec entered the Bangladeshi television marketplace and managed to make a mark with affordable yet feature-laden smart televisions, various other brands jumped in, such as Samsung.


Transtec entered the Bangladeshi television marketplace and managed to make a mark with affordable yet feature-laden smart televisions, various other brands jumped in, such as Samsung.

A few ages before, it was hard to find features such as 4K resolution, appealing layout, HDR, and modern connectivity attributes in televisions. But, you can now find multiple TVs with the above qualities and more. Consequently, it has become quite a task to find the best TV among dozens out there in Bangladesh. And that is the reason why we are here to assist you. We've researched a lot and picked some excellent smart Samsung LED TV price in Bangladesh for you.

Things to Contemplate While Shopping a Smart Television

We looked at the attributes list of all the televisions and then chose must-have features in a 4K Smart Television. We observed at the most modern intelligent televisions out of well-known brands, for openers, something that would ensure suitable after-sales service. We have also chosen televisions that contain a 40-inch or bigger screen size and 4K resolution. We also preferred televisions that have HDR10 articles playback. We also checked the television's brightness.

The next thing we checked was that the TV’s operating system and its ports. We preferred televisions using Android Television because most users in Bangladesh own Android smartphones, and handling an Android Television with an Android smartphone is more cohesive. Plus, casting content through Chrome cast is easier. Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh also offers plenty of media streaming apps and easier file management. It is advised to have at smallest an Ethernet jack, HDMI interfaces, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity touching gates.

Additional Characteristics we watched for were the ability to play 4K films natively, service for multi-channel sound, at least one AI-powered digital voice assistant, and most popular video streaming programs. Now, let's look at the televisions that we believe are the best options in Bangladesh.

Samsung 40-Inch Smart Television

Samsung offers fantastic of the best panels in the store. No surprise, it's the second-biggest television manufacturer on earth. This Smart Television includes not only HDR10 but also HLG, something which could develop into the de-facto HDR format for television broadcast. The Smart Television's quad-core chip can't only play high-quality 4K videos at around 60fps but also upscale non-4K material to 4K resolution.

LED tv price in BD is some HDMI ports, USB ports, a LAN port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0. Its HDMI ports will also be compatible with CEC, a feature that lets you use the television's remote control to command other connected devices. Additionally, it supports wireless media streaming features are available, too. Together with the Samsung innovative feature, you can even control smartphone devices utilizing the TVs.

Samsung 49-Inch Smart Television

Only at 49 inches, the Samsung Smart Television has a smaller display than the remainder. However, in addition, it comes with additional hardware and software attributes. Like other televisions around the list, this television uses a 4K panel using HDR playback compatibility. The Processor 4K can upscale content to 4K resolution when needed. There's a Gaming Mode for reduced latency while gambling.

The television can also adjust the screen brightness and volume mechanically because of an ambient light sensor and a mic that constantly monitors the area's conditions. The Samsung Smart Television's Ambient Mode shows images and paintings in Samsung's library or photos to produce the television double up like frames. The Live Cast attribute allows you to live stream videos from your smartphone's camera to the tv's screen.

This Samsung Personal Computer Mode allows you to mirror your PC's display wireless to the television. The Samsung Smart Television may also be converted into a virtual music player.

Transtec 40-Inch Smart Television

The Transtec Smart Television is the hottest smart tv with a 40-inch display and 4K resolution. It features not just HDR but also neighborhood backlight dimming with several zones. The Transtec Smart Television can also upscale Full HD content to 4K resolution. Like other televisions around the list, it has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has 20W stereo loudspeakers and service for Dolby Audio.

It runs the latest Android Television OS, which means that it can access all of your favorites. You can also use wise apps to control the television, Adjust quantity, operate the telephone's built-in keyboard for typing faster on the TV’s display, and take screenshots.



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