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Mask primary protection against corona virus. However, the survey shows that this time the 'protector' is becoming a cause for concern. It has been seen that the incidence of allergies is increasing. Even damaging the facial skin. The disease is increasing in the case of those who have allergies. Scientists are also acknowledging this fact. Several masks contain allergens that are exacerbating new skin problems.At the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) annual science meeting last week, Dr. Jesus Dhamiza of the University of Cincinnati analyzed cases of patients with a number of skin diseases. He said the problem is coming back in 2020. Of course it's because of the mask. The elastic band of the mask or the cloth allergen is spreading from there. Experiments have shown that allergies to elastic or rubber bands are on the rise. The test was performed on a 60-year-old black man. Who has skin problems and chronic nasal allergies. It has been seen that the condition of the skin was under control till 2020, but the situation got out of control as soon as he started wearing the mask due to corona. Dr. Dhamija said that initially the medicine was not working. However, when doctors began to realize that the onset of the problem was a mask for a few days instructed not to use it. As well as steroids and an imScientists later said that the mask must be used, but to test the ingredients. There are a lot of masks on the market now, but their ingredients are the danger. And what is happening is unknowingly. Therefore, in this case, those who have allergy problems should wear a specific mask in consultation with a doctor.According to Douglas Powell, an allergist at the University of Utah, “Cut a small piece. Put it behind your ear. Give about ten to fifteen minutes. If there is no problem, use it as a mask, otherwise not.The World Health Organization has changed its position on the use of masks. They said face masks should be used in public to prevent the spread of Kovid-19. Already 7.8 million people worldwide are infected with the disease, and the death toll is 4 million. In a statement, the secretary general said the new guidelines were being reviewed after receiving various pieces of evidence and in close discussions with international experts and civil society.Hu's new guideline on face masks is very different from the previous guidelines. So far they have said that healthy people do not need to wear masks and those who are sick or attending to them should wear medical masks.Hu said that in general, if all healthy people use the mask, it has some disadvantages and disadvantages. If the face mask is not used properly, a person can infect themselves, if the non-medical mast is not changed after it gets wet or dirty, its use can cause shortness of breath and headaches, as well as safety precautions. Assurances can also arise, leading to disregard for hand hygiene or lack of physical distance