Telemarketing: What it is and How to use it in an Online Store

Telemarketing: what it is and how to use it in an online store. In a highly competitive environment, online stores need to regularly implement and test new customer acquisition tools.


In a highly competitive environment, online stores need to regularly implement and test new customer acquisition tools. Moreover, it is important to use not only those tools that are designed for a wide audience. More targeted methods that focus on a specific consumer should also be used. This includes telemarketing - the ideal channel for direct telephone sales .

What is telemarketing and why is it needed?
Telemarketing - promotion, advertising and sale of products or services using telephony . This method originated in the 70s of the last century, when DialAmerica Marketing fundamentally changed the way it worked and started selling by phone. Since then, the instrument has gone through many transformations, especially since the introduction of the first cellular devices in the 21st century.

Now telemarketing continues to gain momentum and shows excellent efficiency. It is used by many global brands that create their own call-center or outsource the task of telephone sales. In any case, if the operators of the sales department are experienced, this leads to quite tangible results for the business.

What exactly is telemarketing useful for:

Allows you to accurately identify the needs of target buyers. In the course of a telephone conversation, you can quickly understand the client's requests, work out objections, and select alternative options.

Helps sell products and services. Having identified the needs of the buyer, the operator can immediately offer the best solution and close the deal, reducing the sales funnel . Plus, telephony is a great way to attract and retain new customers.

Provides an opportunity to collect and update information about customers. It is quite easy to collect large amounts of useful data about the target audience by phone: place of work, income level, hobbies and preferences, marital status, having children and other parameters that are important for doing business.

Simplifies the procedure for conducting surveys, questionnaires. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the point of view from each individual buyer directly.

Facilitates communication between the company and the target audience. In the course of a telephone dialogue, you can choose the appropriate intonation, the rate of speech - those verbal means of communication that contribute to persuasion, but are not available online.

Provides after-sales service. Customers are more willing to give feedback on the phone, which can be used to assess the level of satisfaction with the purchase. It is also an opportunity to maintain communication and motivate repeat orders with personalized offers.