How to avoid and eliminate the bad smell of your air conditioner quickly

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 The bad smell of your air conditioner

How to know 2 ways to eliminate the bad smell of your air conditioner

The two types would be, those of splits that are the ones that everyone usually has, or a roof that small businesses usually have, and those of ducts that are usually in large businesses or houses with pre-installation.

⇒ How to eliminate the bad smell of your air conditioner according to the type of machine you have

1.- Split type or roof cassette. In split-type or cassette airs that go on the roof, the bad the smell is generated in the split itself since the air that it expels is absorbed by the same machine passes through the filter, then through the evaporated and normally It is blown you If for example the filters are dirty, or the evaporator, it is where the air takes the bad some If for example you are in a room that has been smoked, then the liters will be impregnating the smell of tobacco.
The solution is to clean the filters periodically and clean the evaporator grill with a sanitizer
or other antibacterial products.

2.- Type ducts. In this cassette ac price in Bangladesh, the air that is expelled through the grilles picks up where the indoor unit is, usually the bathroom. So it is necessary to add to the dirt of the later and of the evaporator grid as a cause of the bad smell, also the sources of smell that there is where the machine is. In many cases, there are leaks of pipes, damp, holes in the air chamber, ... that produce bad smell in the bathroom. And of course ... all that smell passes into the air conditioner, which spreads it throughout the house.

On many occasions, there is also a lot of dirt in the ducts themselves which cause the bad smell.
If your air conditioning is ducted and there is a very bad smell, my advice is to call a professional technician, since there are many possible sources of bad smell that are not This site uses cookies to improve the browsing experience and use of the web. always easy to identify.

⇒ Is it worth investing in a professional technician to remove the bad smell from your air conditioner? Strongly, YES, since if you are not a handyman, it can take you more work to nd the sour of the bad smell and eliminate it. My recommendation is that for any repair call an authorized technician, qualified and professional and with the papers in order, as this will ensure that you have the knowledge permits and tools necessary to do a good job. It is better to pay a little more ++ to a technician specialized in solving the problem easily and quickly, and that in 1 hour or less .., you have been able to nd out the problem and solve it, then not to call an unqualified person that although I charge you a little less time, and you thin you are saving money, the same has no experience ( because you can not measure it ), and you do a bad job, or take 3, 4 or more hours to nd the problem ( since what you are looking for is to extend the day to charge more, because you have no work) , which in the end will be much more than expensive ...

This case is more common than you can imagine and many people have spent their time and money without getting professional service in return.

Therefore, if you decide to contact a technician specialized in giving you quick solutions to solve problems with your repair, and you are not wasting your time that is worth a lot of money and head warming. Summary of the whole article on how to remove the bad smell from your air conditioner. In the end, the important thing is to save time and money in the house or business. It's what coun Everything is numbers. Every day we get small drops of money, which adds a significant amount per month and let's not say a year. You have to save on repairs, but there are repairs that cost money every day, and for not making the right decision, the collar is more expensive than the dog.


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