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of many, locations, is Kehjistan. This can be found in the far southwest of Kyovashad. This place is one of the many places that are considered the Diablo 4 Best Farming Spots!

The best way to farm Legendary items is by going around and defeating Elite enemies. Almost every 3-4 Elite enemies down, they will drop a ton of Legendary items. The times they do not drop any legendary items, they will drop Rare items, but those are a common find here. In addition to just fighting Elite enemies, you can also go against .

normal enemies. However, they will not be dropping items as well as the Elite enemies will.

Treasure Goblins are also a great way to loot Legendary items, and thankfully this space is full of them! A simple visit to the area will highlight all the Elite enemies and Treasure Goblins, and those are the ones you want to keep an eye out for!

Killing enemies will not only gain you Legendary items.

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