Madden NFL 24 Draft selections is getting slimmer

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It's likely that the New York Jets won't have Darrelle Revis beyond the 2013 season, it's well-known. This is the reason why the team wants to offload him now and the possibility of being able to earn 2012 Madden NFL 24 Draft selections is getting slimmer and slimmer each day Madden 24 Coins. With the draft only a couple weeks away, the window to do something is closing, and for the building Jets, it should be a priority.

Russell who is drawing interest?

However, regardless of whether JaMarcus Russell can actually make his return to Madden NFL 24. nobody will doubt that he's giving it some effort the second time. On Tuesday, it was reported that the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals are showing the highest interest in Russell in the offseason. Being signed by either team is certainly a possibility and especially when you consider that Russell could have the chance to compete with the latter.

Winston dissatisfied with his free agency

The offensive tackle of the free agent Eric Winston is "frustrated" with the way his free agency has so far. Winston insists that he's not over-valuing himself with his desire for three to four million dollars per year.

Blog This is The Boys: Winston, Cowboys are talking

It was a very strong class for offensive tackles at the beginning. And the upcoming draft is incredibly deep at the position also, which is sure to lower Winston's value.

Dallas asks Free to cut pay

Doug Free is set to make $7 million in 2013. with his cap figure of $10.02 million. For the Cowboys this is more than enough, especially given that Free was the most-penalized offensive tackle in the Madden NFL 24 last season. Dallas is hoping to hire Winston to take over the role Buy Mut 24 Coins, while Free kicking inside to guard. However, though the team has asked Free to take a pay cut, he doesn't have much incentive to do so, given that his cap hit remains the same regardless of whether you let him go.