BLOCAN® aluminium profile systems

BLOCAN® aluminium profile systemsBLOCAN® aluminium profile systems


Aluminium system profiles for mechanical engineering are needed wherever machine frames, work platforms, shelves, sliding doors, guardings, test set-ups and more are built. With its range of connecting elements and other accessories, the versatile and trusted mk aluminium profile system is the ideal modular profile system for plant and mechanical engineering.Get more news about C Profile Aluminium,you can vist our website!

The more than 200 high-quality system profiles provided by mk are divided into five profile series based on grid dimensions of 25, 40, 50 and 60 mm and a diameter of 28 mm. They meet all the requirements placed on aluminium construction profiles in mechanical engineering. Thanks to the huge selection of aluminium system profiles, you always have the right piece of the puzzle for your application and load and design requirements. With our aluminium profiles, you can create lightweight fixtures, machine frames or extensions just as effectively as load-bearing structures. Application profiles for special applications such as conveyor system frames are also part of the portfolio.

The industrial aluminium profile system is the result of years of application experience and is characterised by extraordinary flexibility and proven reliability.
The range includes construction profiles, functional profiles and heavy-duty profiles. The options for combination and use of the flexible BLOCAN® modular profile system are almost unlimited. Special RK connecting technology makes it possible to install profiles without prior mechanical processing, and thus saves preparation and installation time.
That’s what this unique range of construction profiles was designed for. Clever connection elements free you from machines and equipment. The profiles are cut to length and assembled. And more than 100 different profile sizes and cross-sections can be easily assembled using this connection method.
This range is truly unique as the BLOCAN® Profile Systems are not only compatible with one another, but also with parts of other ranges, such as the tube connectors, linear units, lifting columns and electric cylinders. This provides scope for a fascinating range of application options.
Our BLOCAN aluminium profile system – the benefits
• combine, assemble, modify
• maximum flexibility, with no need for mechanical machining of the aluminium
• reliable connecting technology has been field-tested over many years
(“long-term stability”)
• cost-effective due to low assembly costs, assembly position can be moved
• wide range of aluminium profiles in stock, with cross-sections from 20 to 320 mm
• available as bars or cut-to-length (marked, deburred, ready for installation)
• profile systems can be combined with one another