For starters, high-speed juice extractors are affordable and fast. If you’re the type of person who likes to drink juice as it comes out of the juicer, then you have the reason to get a Centrifugal Juicing Machine.To get more news about Industrial Juice Extractor, you can visit official website.

There are tons of options out there, and you might get lost in the sea of choices. Don’t end up with a low-quality product, that’s going to break in a few runs.

The good news is I’ve already gone thru 100+ juice extractors. I can tell you exactly which machines are countertop-worthy.That’s the TL;DR version of this buying guide. Feel free to click the links above to read the full review of each Centrifugal Juicer. Otherwise, let’s continue exploring all your options.

The Juice Fountain Cold Family is Breville‘s answer to slow juicers. The Kitchen Equipment Company claims that juice produced by this product line has a shelf life of 72 hours, putting it on par with cold press juicers.

Shelf life has been a huge issue since the inception of high-speed juice extractors. Over time, slow juicers became more popular than traditional/centrifugal type.

If you begin to think of it, it’s quite revolutionary. You’ll get the benefit of both worlds. You can juice fruits and vegetables in no time without sacrificing nutrient quality.

The only problem is there are no independent studies that can back Breville’s claim. Cold Press Juicers are still superior when it comes to efficiency and nutrient retention. This feat is primarily because of the slow juice extraction process, limiting the rate of oxidation.

Despite Breville’s best efforts, Centrifugal Juicers won’t be able to address the rate of oxidation happening in a high RPM environment, not unless the juice extraction occurs in a vacuum, like a vacuum blender. It’s possible, but it’s going to be expensive.Centrifugal Juicers are already cheap. However, if you don’t feel like spending more than a hundred bucks on a new juicer, you might fancy Mueller Austria Ultra.

The thing about cheap products on Amazon is its pricing is unpredictable. You might want to take advantage of its lowest offer while you still can.
Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra is inferior to Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus, but it gets the job done for a fraction of the price.

It may have a smaller feeding chute, but it can also take a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It can juice dense produce, citrus fruits, and you can also throw leafy greens into the mix. It just won’t puree soft fruits despite having a low-speed setting.The Juice Fountain Cold XL is the big sibling of Breville’s Cold Spin Juicer Family. It has the same features as the Juice Fountain Plus, but everything else is bigger.

It features an extra-large feeding chute, massive pulp bin and a 70 fl.oz pitcher. It’s a family-sized juicer that can satisfy you and your loved one’s appetite for a healthy and refreshing drink.

The Cold Spin Technology, which is responsible for the 72-hour juice shelf life work like this… Breville positioned the spout above the cutting disk to minimize heat transfer. In addition, the company designed an airtight juice jug specifically for their Juice Fountain Cold line up.Mueller Austria Ultra is our budget pick, but Cuisinart-CJE 1000 still holds the Best Value Centrifugal Juicer Award. It’s packed with features beyond its price point with unparalleled warranty coverage. It’s one of those brands confident enough to offer a 3-year product guarantee.

Like our premium pick, it also has a five-speed setting. You can use the lower speed option for softer fruits and vegetables and adjust to a higher speed for denser produce like carrots, beets, and celery. To top it off, it’s also BPA free and dishwasher safe. You’ll definitely get the best bang for your buck out of Cuisinart CJE-1000.