Be ready to watch NBA 2K League teams compete on PS5

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"Most banks take around 5 NBA 2K MT Coins business days for the transfer of funds, however Rack's bank takes longer." Initial participants who we spoke with claimed they had received payment from Rack. However, soon after communications stopped. Rack claims that numerous victims did not receive any cash. If they inquired about their money, scammers would create excuses, or just ignore them.

"We were supposed to receive the money but the money never came in. We waited for about a month and he kept bringing numerous excuses, such as his PayPal is locked, etc to get time," another alleged victim was quoted by P.TV.

A 20-year-old Aussie who claims to have lost $5,000, and has submitted a cybercrime investigation, provided screenshots of his conversation with Raangee to P.TV. Raangee is able to convince the victim deposit $5,000 and promises to pay $2,500 back. "Ofc Of course, for any person, it's intimidating sending money out," Raangee says to the victim. "But I'm at the stage that I'm used to this now and completely recognize the anxiety of those who are new to the process."

"I have heard of about 20-30 people," a fourth victim aged 20 years old, said on P.TV. "I'd be able to estimate that Rack has a debt of at least $300,000 (and that's just of the cases I've heard of). A lot of my friends have been victims." Many victims have told similar stories. They all stated that Rack had problems with his bank account and/or PayPal account to avoid paying.

But while some people have spoken out, others have been scared to silence, with scammers saying they'll "get zero" should they speak out. In a video obtained by P.TV, Raangee gives a victim a copy of a conversation with Rack and says that victims won't be compensated for speaking out about the issue.

Be ready to watch Buy NBA 2K MT League teams compete on PS5, and take part in online fan-run events. We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the NBA 2K League, making PS5 the official console of the NBA 2K League. From this month until the league's fourth season , which will kick off in May, the entire 23 NBA 2K League teams and 138 players in the league compete on PS5 during events and games.