A guide for using the AOL Mail login accounts

AOL has provide you a huge amounts features and security. you just need to go AOL mail official website and need to create a AOL mail account my blog will guide you how you can open a new account AOL.


AOL has been amongst us for as long as one can remember. It understood the future scope of email services and worked hard to get it on track. But, as life is uncertain, AOL Mail faced a lot of issues throughout its lifetime up to the day it was sold to Verizon. However, difficult its life has been, the brand never gave up and today, along with the previous loyal users, it has acquired the users of the Verizon email service too. This read will focus on how you can create your own AOL Mail account and then the steps you’d have to go through to log into your account later. Along with that, you’ll get to know the major traits of the email service.

Learn the major characteristics of AOL Mail

AOL Mail, although suffered, is one of the online service providers that offer the best-in-line user experience. Let’s look at the key features that contribute to making it a reality:

  • You can attach files of up to 25 MB size while sending an email.
  • You have an unlimited mailbox to receive email messages.
  • Your email account will be compatible with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols.
  • You will be eligible of linking your other email accounts with AOL Mail.
  • All your email communications will be protected from scams and viruses.
  • The login procedure for your email will be supported by SSL/HTTPS.
  • Your account will get free spelling checks for all emails to be sent out.

Get to know the steps for your AOL Mail sign up

This section of the read will guide you through the step-wise elaboration of the sign-up procedure for getting an AOL Mail account for the first time:

  1. On your computer, launch a web browser of your choice.
  2. Go to the official AOL Mail Login website online.
  3. Pinpoint the “Login/Join” option that is displayed on-screen.
  4. Hit “Sign In” and submit the mandatory data for the account.
  5. Move forth along with following all the prompts that show up.

Note: There is also an option to perform the above procedure via the AOL Mail mobile application.


AOL has suffered a lot in its initial years but always managed to overcome the technical hindrances and fight for its cause. It was sold to Verizon after a long time of its inception and now has a large user base with Verizon email users as well as its previously existing users. The read above will walk you through the major characteristics of AOL Mail along with the steps to sign up for the email serviced. 

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