Fantastic Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties at Home

Party in the living room, few people, only the closest. If you want, you can serve finger food-style snacks (to be picked up by hand)


No frills

Party in the living room, few people, only the closes

t. If you want, you can serve finger food-style snacks (to be picked up by hand), on the coffee table, for everyone to stay together and be practical. If you want to make something for lunch or dinner, the cool thing might be cooking together!

One for each

Even the cake can be rethought – but that doesn't mean running out! On this suggestion by Maria Doceria Eventos, the cupcakes with donuts with taller support for the main one in the middle, with a candle on top, were cute


A small cake does not mean bland. With simple things you have at home, you can create a special charm. "The simple cake also wears a party dress with a top that imitates a clothesline. With two barbecue sticks, tie a string to the end of each one. Tie pieces of colored ribbon or lace on it. The more colorful the better!", teaches Maria Cristina Musico, from Festices, from São Paulo (SP).

No waste

For a few people, no exaggeration about the number of sweets. You don't need to think it's going to be “empty”: the tip is to spread some supports and small platters across the table, interspersed with flowers and other decorative objects, which can be things you have at home and even your child's toys.

Guess what?

And when the cake comes as a gift, in a personalized box that is, in itself, the attraction of the decoration? The Festa Conceito, from Curitiba (PR), was already working with a line in this style, but in the pandemic, the idea exploded.

Fresh drink

Natural juice is a great option for short parties with few people. With a shorter exposure time, it tends to oxidize less and, therefore, it maintains active nutrients, such as vitamin C. Watermelon, mango, orange, and tangerine juices are popular with children. If you choose flavors, generally sour, such as pineapple and passion fruit, the tip for sweetening is to combine it with sweeter fruits, such as banana, orange, and coconut water.


Sweets can't be missing, but as sugar is not suitable for children under 2 years old, it's nice to look for recipes that don't use this ingredient if you have children in this age group. Check out a suggestion from child nutritionist Veridiane Sirota, from Curitiba (PR):

Sugar-free sweet (suitable for 1 year of age or older)


- 1 cup of apricot, chopped into four

- 2 tablespoons of almond flour

- 1/2 cup of finely grated coconut

- 2 teaspoons of coconut oil

- 1 tablespoon of water

- Mixture of grated Brazil nut + finely grated coconut to pass the sweet

How to prepare

Beat the ingredients in a food processor until they turn into a dough. Roll small balls and pass in the mixture of nuts and coconut. store in refrigerator