Female Pattern Baldness: Misconceptions and Best Treatment

Learn About Female Pattern Baldness and Misconceptions and their best treatments.


Women with female pattern baldness (FPB) are often told by their hairstylists, friends, or even doctors that they need to comb their hair from the front of their scalp. This is not true and can make your condition worse.

1) What is FPB?

FPB is an inherited trait that affects 70-80% of women to some degree. FPB is not a "hair loss" disorder, and it's simply hair loss that occurs in a specific pattern.

2) What causes FPB?

A variation in a single gene called "tyrosine kinase receptor (TKRT1)" is responsible for FPB. When the body does not produce this gene properly, an enzyme that plays a significant role in cell division and reproduction can become overactive. Read more on the Male or Female Pattern of Baldness.

3) Why does FPB only affect women?

The TKRT1 gene is on the X chromosome, which is one of the two sex chromosomes. Today most women are experiencing hair loss

4) Why do I lose my hair in these patterns?

The genes that control FPB lie on the X chromosome and are only active in women. A normal misconception is that hair loss occurs around the back of your head because it's closest to your neckline, but there's a different reason.

5) Why does pulling my hair back make me lose more hair? Hairstyles that pull your hair back put the inches under stress and cause FPB affected hairs to fall out faster. The good news is, there are several gorgeous hairstyles for FPB that offer long-lasting results with less breakage.

6) How can I achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair? 

The key to treating FPB is to promote new hair growth. Dermatologists who specialize in FPB offer laser therapy and products that can grow your hair back thicker and fuller looking.

7) How can I style my hair with minimal breakage? 

Use a wide-tooth comb and comb from the front of your scalp towards the back. This technique is best when you're trying to style your hair off your face or have shorter hairstyles like a bob that doesn't pull at your hair.

My doctor told me I should shave my head and save myself years of frustration with thin, patchy hair. Should I have listened to her? Not! Shaving your head isn't necessary and can cause more frustration in the long run. It's best to start using products for FPB as early as possible, which will help prevent thinning hair and encourage new growth.


Female Pattern Baldness is the most popular form of hair loss in women. It can be inherited from your mother, and it usually starts with a receding hairline at the temples and top of the head. This balding may occur along the front line or crown area if you pull your hair back tightly when wearing ponytails or braids for long periods or while sleeping on your side.