Different Reasons To Purchase Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung also has the advantage of constantly inventing intelligent technologies to meet customer needs. These are the parts and technologies that air conditioners use.


Samsung is a global brand that is big in international sales. They have had different success stories in more than 150 countries. Samsung AC is renowned for its quality build and superior product. Midea ac price in Bangladesh have a lower price tag than similar brands. Therefore, people tend to choose ACs that are low-priced and fit their budget.

Samsung also has the advantage of constantly inventing intelligent technologies to meet customer needs. These are the parts and technologies that air conditioners use.

Inverter Compressors: You all know that every brand uses inverter technology. This allowed for lower power consumption and increased cooling efficiency. For instance, Samsung is known for using inverter technology, which reduces the compressor's load.

Save Power: Samsung Air Conditioners are powerful enough to conserve up to 35% electricity.

Samsung doesn't use dangerous refrigerants. This is unlike other companies. They apply R32, R410 refrigerants.

Condenser coils: Samsung air conditioners are equipped with copper condensers and cooling coils. Copper is the best heat exchanging material and also prolongs the compressor's lifespan.

Ambient Temperature: Samsung Air Conditioners offer uniform cooling even in harsh environments that exceed 52 degrees. Their compressor design is superior to other brands, and it does not allow the compressor to trip off.

Smart Technology

What's innovative technology? Samsung's intelligent tech air conditioners can run on four in1 power supplies with four operating modes. You can use them with one ton, 1.5 tons, or two-ton power depending on what you need. Samsung has patented the compressor design. It has one vent in its right side corner. This is where air can be sucked in, and the compressor stays cool.

New Smart Technology features four modes so that you can control the air conditioner according to the weather. For instance, if the outside temperature falls below 50°F, your air conditioner will operate at 55% efficiency. If the weather is warmer, it will work at 70% efficiency. If it's freezing, the conditioner can be performed at 100% efficiency. Or you can turn the compressor off and let it adjust according to the outside temperature.

PM 2.5 micron Filter: This filter purifies your air. It is not required to be added to the room where you have installed the Samsung Air Conditioner.

Intelligent alert method: This characteristic will alert you whenever your filters for air conditioners need cleaning. In addition, it has sensors that detect gas leakage. This will alert you before an accident occurs. It is an exceptional feature for those with limited technical knowledge who need to take immediate action.

Multiple Layer Protections: Samsung coated outdoor systems with many layers to prevent corrosion and unwanted dust. It also contains an auto cleanser that gets rid of harmful bacteria.

Star Rating: Samsung air conditioners are the best at reducing power consumption.

Warranty: Samsung offers a 10-years comprehensive warranty on all components of their compressor and an additional three-year warranty.

Service center: They offer a wide range of services centered on qualified experts for the best customer service.

AC price in Bangladesh can be expensive. However, you might consider other brands. They are made from a durable, high-quality material that is both long-lasting and low-maintenance.



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