Best HD Android Games 2021

Android is now very popular, as well as the applications in it, application developers compete to create their newest applications in the form of games, chat applications , and other applications.


Android in Indonesia is better known as an operating system that provides an attractive interface, even compared to other mobile operating systems, this can be said to be the best, according to a survey conducted by Samsung Indonesia product manager Andry Sutamto, who said that Android users in Indonesia use it more often to play games from rapid application development. HD games, do you know what HD games are? Basically HD games are almost the same as HD movies, the definition of HD (High definition) games is games that have high quality, such as very tight resolutions that have millions of pixels, smooth graphics and stereo sound and 3D effects. Imagine if on your Android device you can play games that have technology like this, it must be very fun.

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In Android a lot of interesting HD Games, some HD games made to be the best. But everything must have its advantages and disadvantages, for the advantages of HD games there can be no doubt, you will definitely get satisfaction in playing games even though HD games also have drawbacks, namely you have to have a large empty space because installing and playing HD games requires Sufficient hard disk and RAM from software company. Usually for Android Tablet devices, it is sufficient to install HD games, but for Android smartphones, the specifications of the device must first be seen, most new smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG are also capable of playing HD games, here are some interesting HD android games to play.

3 Best Android HD Games

For example:

Asphalt 9: Legends, this is an interesting car racing game, there are about 60 cars provided from well-known car brands such as Audi, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. In addition, there are also many tracks provided from all over the world, such as in Paris to Rio De Janeiro, guaranteed you will get satisfaction after playing this game.

PES 2021, Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular soccer games, initially this game was made in the version of Playstation games and PC games but now PES 2021 is quite popular in android games. PES 2021 is made with HD quality and has 3D effects, for football fans this is the game that is suitable for you to play.

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Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield is a war game, so we are included in the special forces involved in a war, just like PES 2021 Battlefield is also in the PC version of the game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is made in HD technology that has a resolution very good, for you fans of war games this game is very fitting.

The three HD Android Games above are of course only a small part of some HD games on Android devices, but these 3 games are the best that you should try, all three are games with different categories from racing, football to war. Hopefully the game review above is the right recommendation for you to play.

5 Best Android Games and Best Selling Google Play Version

Games On Android Devices

In addition to social media and chat applications, games are free applications that are often downloaded by Android users, although there are also many paid games from software development company. You must know the Angry Bird game, although initially angry bird was only made for iPad/iPhone devices but now the Angry Bird game is more popular on Android devices, and you can download this game for free on the google play store.

5 Game Android Terbaik (Top Free) Google Play

Fruit Ninja Free, from the name clearly indicates that this game is free, although free but the fruit ninja game is also made in the paid version. In google play this game is in position one and reigns supreme free games, this is a game where we as ninjas who hold the samurai and are in charge of cutting the fruit that will later come out on the screen and should not hit the bomb.

Angry Birds Friends, as I said before this game is very popular on android devices, both tablets and smartphones, this game can make people addicted to playing even British officials are interested in playing this game. This game has been downloaded by 1 billion smartphone and tablet users.

Subway Surfers, this is a very interesting game. The story in this game is that we run away from the police and their dogs because we have made graffiti in the train carriage. This game is quite successful in the google play store and managed to reach the third position in the top free apps.

sniper counter terrorism, this game is almost the same as counter strike and point blank but this is present in the android version of the game, the main mission of this game is to eradicate terrorists and we act as a sniper in the special forces. This game is very interesting for fans of war games.

Cat vs Dog, this is actually an old game ever in the desktop version. This game takes the philosophy of dealing with cats and dogs who always fight and don't get along, in this game you are tasked with throwing things to rivals that are adjusted to the wind speed and circumstances, you can play against the computer or your own friends.

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Some of the list of games above are the best android games that dominate the Top 5 Free Games in the Google Play Store, game and application developer always create the latest games with creative innovations, the 5 best android games are sorted by best-selling which are often downloaded by android users in recent periods.

Games are games made in electronic media or other media that serve as entertainment. Android and games cannot be separated, there are lots of games available in the google play store and there are also sorted from which one is the best. In Indonesia, smartphones and tablets are more often used to play games, according to Samsung Indonesia Product Manager Andry Sutamto said "In Indonesia, tablets are classified as a hybrid category between smartphones and laptops. According to our survey, most tablets are used for playing games,".

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