WoW: Shadowlands Soul Cinders Guide: How to Farm

The Soul Cinders is a new currency that introduced in the World of Warcraft 9.1 patch on June 29


The Soul Cinders is a new currency that introduced in the World of Warcraft 9.1 patch on June 29, which used to upgrade legendary items to the fifth and sixth tiers. How could you farm Soul Cinders in WoW: Shadowlands?

The first five levels can be reached by planting soul ash from Togast in the Cursed Tower, with a maximum item level of 235. The first level costs 1,250 soul ash, while the fourth level costs 5,150.

The fifth level (item level 250) consumes 400 Soul Cinders, and the sixth level (item level 260) consumes 1650. But how exactly do you cultivate currency?

Soul cider can be found on the ninth layer (and above) of Togast. When defeating the boss for the first time, soul cider will be dropped.

However, in order to avoid the long and arduous task of grinding to the top of the endless dungeon every week, players can choose to jump to a higher unlock layer and plunder the soul cider from the lower layer.

Players can obtain up to 120 soul ciders by completing the 12th layer of Togast's wings. This means that it takes at least two weeks of farming time to upgrade to the fifth level. But the sixth level may take several months to unlock.

Except for Torgast, Soul Cider can be obtained by completing the Covenant Attack twice a week. Each attack rewards 50 soul cider. Tormentor's Cache can be found in Tormentors of Toghast-an event that runs every two hours in the big mouth-will also drop 50 soul ciders. A small amount of soul cider can be found in Adventures, Sharp Hides, and Shape Teeth.

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