Request what she believes they may be running out of and she suggests

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DL's rewards RS gold will have to go more in depth, and will be published in a seperate article at a later date. Father Signore: Signore can drop anything that can be dropped by his children, which means that you're more likely to get a rare fall from him than murdering the kids separately.

His rocks, using a range level of 80+, can be easily flicked at competitions, and will frequently hit on them 2-3 times. His 2H sword, as explained previously, would be second (or fifth...) to the Godswords, and could likewise be only second in rate to the saradomin sword.

DL's Battlestaff: DL's battlestaff is the sole staff that may cast the spells in his spellbook. It may fire Wave of this Letums, but has a 5 min recharge rate. It'll hit on players (usually dulled to hit approximately 30-40), and double on NPC's.

Crude Law Staff: DL could never perfect the design to your staff. It does not provide infinite laws, it must be recharged. In his designing, DL learned that a balance of regulation and chaos must be guaranteed. However, every two chaos runes will create 1 legislation rune (set in 100 law runes and 100 chaos runes, the staff would have 150 charges). To begin this quest, speak to Miss Veldawich, that can be discovered in her house in Ardougne, near the zoo. Ask what she's doing and she will explain the fine art of bird watching. But then she says that for some reason the birds are moving South, but it's much too early for that. She believes that they may be running from something... or to something.

Request what she believes they may be running out of and she suggests you visit Larry the Zookeeper about it. Proceed to Larry at Ardougne Zoo and ask about the birds. Larry says that he does not 2007 RS Items know much about bird behavior, other than penguins, and indicates that you visit his good friend, who appears to be a bird expert.