Top Cybercrime Trends you need to be Aware of

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Cybercrime is becoming a serious problem day after day and a study conducted by the concerned officials predicts that it will cost the world trillions of US Dollars in the upcoming years. The number can increase if we do not take cybersecurity measures seriously. But, there is nothing new in it as the cybercrime trends have helped us in knowing the range of attacks. Hence, we should know about the cybercrime trends of 2020 to keep ourselves updated.

Nowadays, we often get to hear about how big organizations fall victim to data and security breaches. So, here are the details of the trends which were the headlines of the cyber-criminal news.  You can secure your network by deploying Norton Antivirus that can be installed via

5 threats that may take over in 2020


It is a combination of two words and one of them is “deep learning” which means using artificial intelligence to enhance knowledge. The other word in the combination is “fake” which means some false or untrue. When these two words are merged together we get a combination which means scammers create fake images and sounds to implement a threat. This is done by using artificial intelligence so that seems to be real. Using this, they may also create video in which a speaker’s words are manipulated which affects his reputation negatively. Not only this, but they can also cover up a popular face onto someone else’s body.

Use of synthetic identities

This is a type of identity theft where a scammer tries his best to fabricate the identity of a person. He does so by merging the fake as well as actual details of a person and creates an illusion that it is someone real. By doing this, he may carry out some evil tasks on his behalf and accomplish what he desires.

Misuse of AI            

Using this, cyber-criminals create programs that impersonate some of the behaviors of human beings. By using such programs, hackers fool people in such a way that they are bound to share their details. Moreover, they can insert bad data into the program through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Fake news on Social media

Fake news, also known as disinformation means spreading of unauthentic content or stories on social media platforms. This news is specifically designed to instigate people on religious beliefs and because of this, they take a few unnecessary or harmful actions. These days, social media has become a platform from where people give voice to their opinions. But, hackers are misusing this platform to accomplish their evil goals.

Challenges to 5G network

As we all know that 5G is going to rule the digital world in the year 2020 but with this, it will give way to more cyber-crimes. It will be more difficult for businesses and the government to handle such a situation. There will be more attacks on the Internet of Things networks because it might lack security in terms of hardware and firmware.


Along with the aforementioned threats, we will get to witness vehicle cyber-attacks, cloud jacking, ransomware attacks, and more. On top of that, hackers may try to sell information regarding hospital networks and other such organizations. To fight with these originating threats to the world, an individual should navigate to and download the desired antivirus protection from there.