The Right Way of Using a Personal Statement Example

Nowadays, personal statement essay plays a big role in deciding whether a student-applicant makes it to his/her dream university or not. High grades are not good enough to guarantee you a place in the very limited slot available.


Nowadays, personal statement essay plays a big role in deciding whether a student-applicant makes it to his/her dream university or not. High grades are not good enough to guarantee you a place in the very limited slot available.


In other countries, it is not yet that popular especially when applying for a job. Although we prepare a letter of application, the content of the letter is not the same as those found in the personal statement essay. So it is really great to know that a lot of materials are now available for our reference.


Personal statement example is a reference material to guide you in the preparation of your own personal statement autobiography essay. The purpose of which is to direct us to the right direction on how to do a good essay. We can also draw ideas from it especially if the writer has the same background as you or you are interested to apply in the same school as that of the writer. But as a GENERAL RULE, do not copy the example VERBATIM. You can get one or two words from it which you think is applicable to you. Always, keep it in your mind that your own personal statement essay should be unique and reflective of your personality.


Get tips on how to make a good essay, a good essay should be direct, concise, interesting and easy to read and understand.


Learn the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of doing a personal statement essay. Check on examples that have a comparative analysis and make it as your bench mark. Thoroughly scrutinize each of the examples provided and determine whether the example presented is strong or a weak essay. Pick up the lessons learned and apply it.

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Gathered all the data you needed and draft an outline. Based on the information gathered ensure that your personal statement essay should include the profile essay following steps:

  1. A clear picture of your life experiences and its effect or influence in your chosen program,
  2. Your career goal and the reason why you chose that career path, and
  3. Your strengths and weaknesses and how you overcome it.


Start doing your personal statement essay. You can also check back anytime on the personal statement examples you used as reference. Go over your draft a hundred times, if necessary. Check on your grammar and spelling. Let your draft essay be read by others so they can provide you feedback to improve it.

Dissolving Gender Inequality


Admission essay excerpt and outline for college.


Essay Question: Salt, governments, beliefs, and celebrity couples are a few essay writer examples of things that can be dissolved. You’ve just been granted the power to dissolve anything: physical, metaphorical, abstract, concrete you name it. What do you dissolve, and what solvent do you use?


Certain social and cultural norms continue to dictate gender inequality. One such example is the presence of communities in certain countries that prevent a woman from getting the healthcare she needs because it is taboo in her society to travel to a health clinic alone. This is just one example of the hundreds of cases wherein women are not allowed access to proper healthcare. As someone who is given the power to dissolve anything, I will dissolve gender inequality in healthcare access through re-education. I believe that social and cultural norms that distort gender beliefs can be changed through proper education. As a young woman applying to college, I want to be a gynecologist and help re-educate people from different cultures regarding the importance of gender equality, especially in terms of proper health education and healthcare practices for women.




  1. Introduction
  2. Pervading issue of gender inequality in terms of healthcare access
  3. Gender inequality as one issue I would like to dissolve and education as the solvent
  4. The reason why I want to pursue a course in gynecology is to be a women’s healthcare professional who can help change the way people view certain cultural beliefs and norms in relation to proper healthcare access.

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  1. My achievements as a student
  2. As an active student, I’ve joined several extra-curricular groups that promote the preservation of cultural beliefs.
  3. I’ve earned recognitions for my academic achievements.
  4. Some of the clubs I’ve joined that promote physical and mental health among women include belly dancing, Indian dance, and Latin fitness.
  5. My participation in several civic groups is a proof of my commitment to help others.


III. Why I chose this school

  1. Curriculum – The school offers an excellent curriculum that meets my educational needs as I achieve my goal.
  2. Environment – The school has the perfect learning environment that will inspire me to do my best as I achieve my goal of becoming a gynecologist
  3. Quality of education – The school is known for its high quality of education.


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