You can rent out your items quickly this way

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The Grand OSRS gold Exchange allows for quick and speedy trading throughout distinct worlds so wouldn't it be nice if you could also lend and rent items across worlds as well? You would have the ability to offer your items up for renting or simply for free if you feel like it and another person who suits your supply can rent that item out foro the specified time. The stand could be just located on the Grand Exchange and you'd be permitted to lend an item and ask to borrow a product.

You can rent out your items quickly this way. Just speak with whoever works in the rack, and click the action you wish to do whether it be borrowing or lending. The quantity that it is possible to rent your item out for is equivalent to those benchmarks for the standard trading limit.

There would be two options for the cover, the easy one time pay every one hour (meaning if your maximum is 30k per 15 minutes, you'd pay 30k for this hour) or your limit every 15 minutes (so you'd cover your 30k every 15 minutes throughout your duration) for people who want to cover more. Furthermore, if your maximum benchmark is state 20k for example, you have the capacity to lower it by 1k so it's possible to adjust the price to what you feel is worthy for that item, providing your more liberty to choose your price.

HUGE NOTE: No matter what armour you wear it will be car banked the minute you enter a portal; it will be cheap RuneScape gold  replaced by the armour and weaponry of the Role you chose. Required Skills to Input: 15 Agility.