I like Diablo IV going mobile

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It is amazing how a company will charge head first into something, because some one was able to make a report saying it would be favorable. What a report and forecasting of a customer demographic won't do.... This why you have surveys to help read your audience and make sure you are giving a product they'll utilize. Eliminating comments that Diablo IV Gold correctly portray how someone feels about the announcement (negative or positive) is a disservice to everyone.well.... I am just going to say this. One to dis this portable game b4 playing with it is a little childish. Down voting it because of the same is also a bit childish. Doesnt excuse the fact that it was a bad idea to use this as a final bit.

Diablo was only clickitty-clickitty-clickitty with the mouse anyway, so I am not sure touchitty-swippety-tappitty is really all that much different. The bar has been hugely raised with Divinity Original Sin 2 and Skyrim, therefore maybe Diablomon Move! Is in order. Really VR or augmented reality could be quite cool. I do feel for the programmers and the folks on stage. I'm sort of rooting for the game to be great today. .

I'm not a Diablo participant, but when Diablo IV skipped my Warcraft xpac to make a portable Warcraft game which has nothing to do with my existing Warcraft account I'd be mad beyond belief. I feel for you Diablo fans. I like Diablo IV going mobile, it's the long run. Nonetheless, it feels like that they sent a un spoken Diablo 3 is dead que by not giving the lovers that there Diablo IV.First Valve with Half-Life, then Id with Quake and today Diablo IV with Diablo. This is the end of the golden years of adult hardcore gaming. They're betting on disposable and forgettable MMOG garbage.I want a diablo game on a weak system with potentially terrible network coverage based on phone business and wonderfully imprecise touch controllers.

I love how the bandwagon-gaming-community just get's totally soreheaded about this cellular statement. But at the conclusion 80 percent of this crybabies will play the game and they'll love it. Microtransactions here and there... even if there'll be MT you will continue to be able to play some Diablo on the go buy Diablo 4 Gold, propably without paying any dime. BUT MOST importantly: they did not even announce any kind of business model yet. It is only painful to see grown up's act like 5-year-olds who just dropped their ice-cream and shout about it. The game looks damn mad great. The mechanics are propably also fairly mad great for a mobile game.