Allergan Botox

BOTOX Cosmetic is a prescription drug used to temporarily reduce the appearance of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow's feet wrinkles, and frown lines between the brows in adults.


BOTOX and BOTOX Cosmetic are not proven to be safe and effective in preventing headaches in migraine patients who have 14 or fewer headache days per month (episodic migraine).

Botox can help with medical disorders by reducing muscular tension in the face. Top Selling 100% Authentic at the lowest wholesale price. Fast international shipping and safe online purchasing.

BOTOX has not been shown to help people perform task-specific functions with their upper limbs or to enhance movement in stiff muscles-fixed joints.

BOTOX and BOTOX Cosmetic are not known to be safe or helpful for excessive sweating anywhere else than the armpits.

What is Allergan Botox?

Botox is an Allergan product that contains Botulinum toxin (BTX), which is a neurotoxin that paralyzes muscles. This impact, however, is just transient. The patient's muscles regain movement several months following the treatment.

This Botulinum toxin injection, like most others, has medicinal and cosmetic purposes. On the one hand, it can help with problems including excessive sweating and eyelid spasms. On the other hand, it has the ability to relax particular facial muscles.


It is unknown if using BOTOX® Cosmetic more than once every three months is safe and effective.

Within hours to weeks of getting BOTOX or BOTOX Cosmetic, patients may experience loss of strength or general muscle weakness, visual difficulties, or dizziness. If this occurs, do not drive a car, use machinery, or engage in any other potentially hazardous activity.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in BOTOX or BOTOX Cosmetic (see the Medication Guide for a list of components), or if you have had an allergic response to any other botulinum toxin product, such as Myobloc (rimabotulinumtoxinB), Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA), or Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA), or if you have a skin infection at the injection site.

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