How to Choose the Perfect Early Learning Centre in Your Neighborhood ʔ

Give your child every chance to reach their optimum potential.


These days importance of the Early Learning Centre increasing day by day and both parents working is the primary reason for the growing need of Early Learning Centre. While choosing the Early Learning Centre for your toddler you need to consider few things. They should visit the facility two or three times before taking any further decision. Parents should ask them for other parent’s reviews and also check their reviews online.

Parents should see whether they have proper security system enabled indoor and outdoor as well. Are the teacher working there are well qualified in the local languages their behaviour with other children, because Childcare or Early Learning Centre is not about babysitting the child anymore like it was used to be in the decades ago overall growth of the children depends upon it. Different activities like art, craft, playing with other kids so the environment of the facility has a huge impact on the children.

  Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Through the framework’s five learning goals educators will assist your child to develop:

A strong sense of their identity

Connections with their world

A strong sense of wellbeing

 Confidence involvement in their learning; and

Effective communication skills


Our programs are based on developing the optimum potential for every child taking into account their unique interests and stage of development.

  Learning is based on play and using the child’s interests to expand their play into exploring, discovering, creating, learning social skills and learning all about themselves and the world they live in.

 Parents are the most important teachers for children at home. Every child is treated as an individual. They all have their own, unique personalities, and our experienced educators program ensure every child is involved in activities.

Children’s language and literacy skills are further developed during these times, as children are involved in storytelling, drama, poems and games. Music also plays a large part during these sessions, as children can experiment with dancing, singing and exercising their bodies.

Children have the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor play as part of each group‘s routine. The outdoor area is an essential part of the learning environment for children. All age groups utilise our specifically designed playgrounds to test their coordination, balance, skills and strength. Outdoor play involves climbing on our many different play gyms, bikes, ball games, sand-pit play, water play, doll and prams, scooters, swings, balancing beams, growing plants and learning about all the natural elements.

Our educators capture your child’s achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories.

Kindyhub Centre save us time, in turn allowing us to spend more time with your children.


 Occasionally, we have people from the community come visit and conduct a talk and do activities with the children e.g. a nurse, dentist, animal farm, firefighters, police and people from different cultural backgrounds.

  I hope this gives you a bit of a general view of our day at childcare. It’s lots of fun

Natural Elements Early Learning Centre bases their programming on the new Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The framework focuses on your child’s learning based on your child’s interests and abilities.

The early years learning framework describes childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming .Belonging To my family, friends and the community Being Learning through play Becoming A valued member of society; all that I can be Child Programming

Natural Elements Early Learning Centre bases their programming on the new Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in which they program daily in each of the rooms from the child’s interests and development.

  These program books are displayed on each rooms display board. We invite all parents for their input in the programming, any child’s interests or activities from the weekend are much appreciated to follow in your child’s learning.

However since there are many early learning centre these days, choosing the right one might be difficult but if you go through the points mentioned above carefully you will find the right one for your child