Top 8 Tulip Flowers For Home Decor

Choose the best tulip flowers for home decoration. Read the full article to know more.


Tulip is famous for its bulb-like appearance. You will find them on many occasions such as weddings. Many people use tulip flowers for home decor. However, it would help if you understood that there are several types of tulips. Below are a few examples.


This type thrives well in a wet climate. You can have it in the garden and cut it for house decor. It has a sturdy stem. When in the garden, it grows up to 16 inches tall. So, it decorates your backyard and your house when you cut and put it in a vase. 

Bright Parrot

This type of tulips has large orange petals. It also has golden frills at the edges. You'll need a few stems to create a beautiful bouquet. They have long stems so that they can fit in elongated vases. It is a great choice for people who love warm hues in their spaces. 


Do you have bright colors in the house, and you need to tone down? Then Slawa tulips are the flowers for you. They have intense maroon with orange edges. It creates a cool atmosphere in an otherwise chaotic environment. 

Tropical Lady

This is one of the common tulips at the florist shop. It has lilac-pink petals. They fit well in a house with dark interior decor. They have long stems. Thus, you can use them in elongated vases. 

Triumph Tulips

These are the most common tulips you will ever look for. They exist in a variety of colors. Their petals curve into a perfect bulb. Also, they have medium-length stems. Thus, you cannot use them in elongated vases. 

Lily-Flowered Tulips

These are perfect tulip flowers for cutting. They have graceful white petals that bloom like a lily. The petals are pointed and reflexed. This makes it look like it has pointed frills above the bulb. They are beautiful to display in the house.  

Single Early Tulip

These tulip flowers bloom earlier than the rest. Also, they last longer than the single late tulips. You can combine them with other flowers like hyacinth, pansies, violas, etc. You can select the 'french' single early variety if you want a flower with the longest vase life. 


This type of tulip slightly resembles peonies. It has light pink petals. They are common in flower arrangements. You will not go wrong using them for your home decor. 

Final Word  

Tulip flowers occur in many types. The above examples are excellent for home decor. They have a long vase life. Thus, you'll not need to change them after a short while. You can also display the grace of different tulips by alternating the different types of tulip flowers for home decor.