Custom Silicone Wristbands & Promotional Products

Order Custom Silicone Wristbands from Handband, your trusted silicone wristband, tyvek wristband and fabric wristband supplier.
Perfect for events, marketing, fundraising & all promotional requirements. Shipping of custom wristbands & Promotional Products Australia wide!


Handband has a large range of promotional products at silicone wristbands australia - we have been providing wristbands since 2004, so we know what works and what doesn't for your promotional requirements, branding, event security and more.  We have promotional products in high-grade silicone. We have wristbands also made of high grade silicone and we have all sorts of wristbands for charity messages and even health uses.

Our silicone promotional products and our charity or fundraising silicone products are durable yet inexpensive. They’re easy to order and they’ll get your message across in a way that marketing people call ‘sticky’ – because it stays around.

You can personalise much of the range and the colour choices are endless (well, they seem that way to us!). You can choose a colour that fits with your corporate colours, you can choose all sorts of sizes and finishes and you choose large or small quantities.

Tyvek Event Wristbands

Handband supplies some of the largest events you might have heard of, from Origin Fields to Mardi Gras.  We have been supplying event security wristbands for as long as we can remember so you're in safe hands, pun intended!

There are a number of different tyvek and yupo wristband products to select from, including water-proof, full colour, QR code and consecutive numbering - just what you need to ensure a smooth running event.

Fabric Wristbands

Fabric or woven wristbands are the new kid on the block! They're smart, fashionable, easy to wear, and can include your full artwork in full colour.  Add a QR code or RFID chip and UV fabric and metallic fabric to light up the night with a kaleidoscope of colour.  We've even made fabric woven wristbands for Ai Wei Wei on several occasions - we're proud to know that Ai Wei Wei trusts us with his artwork.  Fabric wristbands can be printed or woven and can be lockable or re-usable.

LED Wristbands

Handband LOVES LED bracelets.  LED or Light Emitting Diode bracelets, really do light up the night.  Choose from a full spectrum of colours, either sound or movement activated, or upgrade to our REMOTE controlled LED bracelets.  Handband's remote controlled versions can be split into groups, recat to sounds, and can even have a lucky dip function.  They're not cheap, but they certainly do add massively to any event or function, plus, they can be reused over and over

We’re very flexible – just like our silicone wristband and promotional product range. We make ordering easy and we make your marketing choices simple and effective.   Try us today - you won't be sorry.